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Let's get money. Stay with our guest handicapper Tesco's figures. Morning. Matt. Good morning Sam. All right. Well, we got ten say I believe a nine or ten race card here going today and ten races. So let's get quickly to it. We're going to go one mile purser ten five smoking hot. Head out to be a nine to five favorite and Alejandro Gomez who want his career victory yesterday. He'll be in the saddle. Yeah. It was sorta of a spread race. I kind of think of things as racist down to maybe, you know, one a single or maybe two real likely winners. And then we have the spread races. This is we're starting off early pick five here with with what I would call spread race. It's a pretty full field. We got nine nine Phillies going the mile and for maiden claiming eight thousand so we're told the bottom we have a couple horses dropping and then a couple of horses stretching out for the first time. So we've got a couple of different angles going on here. And I do call it a spread race. All do you like smoking hot redhead on top as my as my topic and the eight to me to his routed, I try in January, and then she spreads it twice after that. She's been around the top maiden level. And then maiden twenty five thousand spent sprinting at the made in twenty five thousand left out. I think she definitely like the made me today. So with a change in that moved her into my second pick, and I'm going to start a pick five here and those three D on this race and use the five mixed media as well. She's coming out of an eight thousand dollar mile race where she got a little bit of trouble at the start in the rain on pretty well for a second place finish their so she's she's had experience at the mile, and she's done pretty well at this level. So I think it's a three eight five for me to start out the early picks up early big size today. Okay. Hollander for has a nine to five favorite in the second. That's major implications. As this space of those six furlongs. Yes, I do like major implications on top here. But I do think this is one of the two horse. Two big contender field today. I think it's between major implications. The three and a new trend the four I'll give the top notch to the major implications. But use them both on my pick five Jerry Hollander for just claims away from Jonathan Wong on February. Twenty four out of a nice win that win rates the top today. So I think a little bit of thumbs up in class. He goes from six thousand two hundred fifty up to the eight thousand level today. I like the confidence there, and then Jerry Hollander is putting a bullet workouts, March fifth on this horse and owner for doesn't usually work as horses out super fast. I just took down the sign that the horses still very very sharp. And with a good workout. I liked that three on top of the four and nutrient. I think either one of them like those two are the big hitters in this race. I think they'll win this race from up front if those two kind of up on the pace today, and I didn't really see anything from off the pace that would make an impact. So I think. It's going to be one up on the pace between the three and the four pushing it, and if you like a little bit of a long shot maybe for effect. I liked number five walk on water back into third at twelve to one, but maybe could add little value to a trifecta him factor. All right moving on to race. Number three. This'll be a mile for persons seventeen thousand dollars and the favorite in here is mode to narrow at. Eight to five. As Jonathan Wong and able to deal the two leaders in their categories. Yeah. One of the the the three horses all us on the fairly pick five here. It does raise the top ratings. You look at his last few sprints. He's stretching out for the first time the mile today. But I just thought it was a little bit of a questionable spot for him at this twelve thousand five hundred level. Maybe maybe he's not doing as well just based on the place in here as as it looks on paper because he just one for maiden twenty five thousand in January thirteenth with a nice number. And they came back with an even better race at a starter. Lance fifty thousand for horses who've never one to anyone that race. So loading narrow follow that up with another allowance try at the forty thousand level. So I I just think this placement of twelve thousand five hundred eighty with a little bit curious I really based on a competitive efforts for higher. I really was kind of surprised to see the price tag on him today. But of course, all all that being said the numbers, really. Make him a huge contender here. But I was gonna take a little bit of a shot on a price for the top slot and go with park hill diamond, great to his outside which is number five five to one and partial diamond has the looks of what we're gonna like stretching back out to the mile, and he's dropping out of some of the fifty thousand dollars starter allowances where moved to narrow one one of those which is a tough race to win has been running well in defeat the high mole in another race last time out and looks like he'll enjoy the stretch out the to the mile today. And I think the place that makes a lot more sense there. So gonna go for a bit of an upset here. Five to one diamond over the favorite lo to narrow and then for my third slot of my early pick five I'll take any of these three six poppy seeds noted seventy two. Okay. Moving on to race number four five and a half furlongs in this race. We have a couple of big favorites Dixie pulpit, the two will be at sixty five and Rana for, Freddie. That would be eight to five and Georgie to ride the one. Yeah. Today. Like, I said we have some spread races. And then we have some races works really narrow down. And I think this this race is one of the ones where it's really narrow down to the two horses to the inside run. For me. Eddie, we number one Dixie pulpit number two, those two rapist on paper that both lightly. Raced to be the top here again. So it's it's between those two I'm gonna single the number two Dixie pulpit on my early pick five she's six to five just based on the fact that she might still have a little more upside she's making her second lifetime start today. Whereas run for me, Eddie Lee, the number one making its third and adding blinker so both of those really looked tops here. I think if you're doing any kind of exotics like I do with rolling pick threes fours and pick five I would use them both. But for the cost of the ticket for the early pick five single the to Dixie pulpit, and then the. The number one run for me Eddie Lee Lakers going on for her third. Try also looks good and Bill Delia with first time blinkers is hitting it nineteen percents of there's there's some things to like give to the two, but it's the two one. And I really don't think you have to worry about anybody else on the ticket beating. All right. We'll move on to a snub five on this dollar day out at Golden Gate fields dollars in all mission general parking dollar programs dollar hotdogs dollar beer in the fifth race here to complete your early pick five six furlongs that consensus. That's the name of the horse is the consensus pick at two to one on the money line one the maiden by seven came back and miss ahead. Yeah. Consensus will be the top call here. But we're going to be able to go three d for twenty four dollars, take it. Yeah. Consensus it came off a June layoff in January and just one off. You know, stretched it out one by seven links for the maiden twenty twenty five thousand dollar claiming level. And I was a highly rated rates he actually came back with an even higher rating against winter. I first time in the fifty thousand dollar start allows last time. So just just miss this level by head last time ran to lose. And like I said ran even better than the maiden win would have suggested so consensus rates top call. He's got a ton of speed. But it looks like he can actually sit and stock if needed so he's really tactical either way I like consensus as the top call here the. Next. Call may go freebies. The next us number six up campers and foods he was third in that same consensus rates that I was mentioning where consensus really well. Well, pampers and boost is only a length behind consensus there. So he was close from off the pace just a little bit and had won his previous start against slightly easier. So they're doing really well. Right now looks good and also coming out of that same race that consensus is so has to be looked at and then for the third horse. We're going to be able to finish our pick five with. I was going to number four Kelly kingpin is coming up a little bit over a year layoff for new trainer steverman and another trainer that doesn't work horses out fast. So when I see password trainer like that that really take note that the horses doing exceptionally well and Kelly kingpin coming up the year left has a March, I five for a long workout. So just a few days ago. A bullet of the day best of thirty four with a one. One flat, which is excellent over the Golden Gate surface. So I'm gonna go three three six four here and be able to finish out the pick five hopefully for a decent little opening day late pick five early pick five. All right. So let's get quickly to the six race out to a mile sixteenth on the ten race car. Eight to five for cash for Cass, and that's Hernandez and Hollander. Yeah. This race. I think is a little bit why wider open the eight to five morning line suggests a cash Catholic cast the six she raided my third call only here I like a little bit of a price at seventy two on the number four heat seeker, baby. She just broke her maiden nicely on February twenty four seven their last start. I really like the way she sat off the pace. And then take it home in the sprint win, the meeting twenty five thousand level last time out I think that translates well stretching up to the mile today. So we've never seen her at the mile, but all any all systems are going her running style suggests it's going to be no problem. I liked the way she wanted to last race on. You're getting a nice price seven to two in the morning line. So each speaker baby is probably my best value play of the day today. I like number four. Each speaker baby seventy two and then my second call was to her outside in the number five lot desert trip it three to one for Greg James shipping up here from southern California, which a lot of horses today are because of the closure in the San Antonio surface. We're getting a lot of new faces here and. One of those coming in and then the third fly was the favourite cash forecasts. But like I said odds on favourite at a morning line. Eight to five does not suggest you know. I thought the advantage for cash for cast. You know, the odds don't fit and I liked the value there on the four heat seeker, baby. All right thirteen to run in the seventh race five and a half furlongs. Great exotic wagering in this one. Yeah..

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