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Whole original investigation was supposed to be about well we know that moeller have been focusing on the june 2016 uh meaning at trump tower aware don donald trump jr uh bob arranged a meeting with russians who were supposedly going to bring dirt on hillary clinton he focused a lot on that uh paul manafort within their jared kushner within their and and donald trump jr rain to the meeting natalia vessel minutes kyw uh was the uh one of the russian attorneys who was involved in that so uh they're in is one of the issues that uh muller has been investigating in terms of potential uh cooperation collusion whatever term you want to use uh with the trump campaign but again the president uh seems to be uh maintain that's a and every once in a while he says there was no collusion with the trump campaign new collusion with trump meaning himself perhaps uh and so uh maybe the president's uh be able to distance himself a little bit from uh his son uh at cetera that are but uh uh i i don't necessarily think that the investigations going to be over relatively soon and do you think with your uh washington got reported yeah do you think the press is going to talk to moller well i think eventually uh it'll have to happen i it would seem to me now the president yesterday uh at the news conference mentioned hillary clinton three times uh including about how or her uh interview with the fbi uh over the email server thing was done on july fourth weekend in 2016 and and nobody took notes and that's not true actually there were notes taken uh at that uh that that interview um the but again pointing to this as you know uh that at least hillary clinton's handling as uh maybe how he wishes he could be handled to do an interview but if you were uh uh if you were robert muller and his team you would probably want to talk to the president at some point along the way here yeah i obviously for a lot of reasons we can understand that all right thank you sir appreciate it our wjr news correspondent national correspondent bob constantini.

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