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Idea turns out, this is configured by the carriers by sending one of those carry a notification is messages to your phone, which doesn't display to you, because it's fabulous for internal use, and that can configure the client Kohl's it to connect out, so she chains to give the client us off the free bug. When you connect to a malicious server with this mechanism for triggering it, which is like no interaction straight up mainly corruption on, like that's pretty slick. It is pretty sweet, right? Yes. But I mean she's just as a crash, but this is a is this a kind exact? Well, let really say, and I guess this is presumably that you tend to make any memory corruption is a good place to start. You'd have to ask some of our other. Listeners with this was actually execute -able in the autumn, Senator by stop. But yeah, ten points for lateral thinking on that one. Yeah. This is good. Now I just included this one, because I remember when Forbes like they're quote of the day like inspiring thing that helps when you're trying to learn trying to learn a story that was used to deliver. Melwood think once. They've been made cutted on this subscription. Sign did we have the sad trombone, but my feeling that's pretty good food. Poll lanzi. Yep. Made in the subscription system. There's not a whole bunch more to say the man like they haven't caught data stolen straight off of the subscription page, which, you know, presumably Forbes looseness have more money than average. So good whole. This is a form of glorious redistribution. Saying. Microsoft's released a new version of its Texas analyze utility. This has always been a useful tool. Does it look like they've given it much update here? Yes, overhaul that affair bench rewritten a bunch of it to use the core and electron for.

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