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News time eleven forty this year's Nobel peace prize has been awarded to two people. You may never have heard of before Dr Dennis muck Vega. An Najah Murad are being honored for their work against sexual violence in wartime muck Vegas spoke with sixty minutes back in two thousand eight. She has, you know, they're in deep pain, but it's not just physical pain. It's psychological pain that you can see Murad is an Iraqi who was tortured and raped by militants. She discusses her captivity in the book to last girl, the new book from author Joseph all's hand revolves around two seemingly distinct crimes he says. There is a real life mystery though that served as the inspiration for black diamond fall. The mystery of the book really is a reflection of the mystery of real life. There was a student at Middlebury college in around two thousand ten who disappeared. He was actually staying. At the college during winter break college was pretty much shut down. They were very few people aren't campus and. So when he went for a walk one night, he never came back, and it wasn't discovered immediately. After a few months, they gave up the search. But then a few months after that his body was found at the bottom of the creek, which is the larger liberty that runs through Middlebury college. You can hear the full interview in this week's WCBS author talks podcasts available on the radio dot com app. It's eleven forty one. We work hard.

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