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The song plays all the way through you win a one thousand dollars from cbs obama well done my friend as we check uh in check the forecast what mr john elliott already john i gotta tell you i could not believe though esi scott john schneider staff me and said he listens to scott shannon every morning low there who is that word you meet him do japan i met him i was on the was in midtown picking up the se trained in iran and did john schneider not bode uc knows it just a guy named john schneider but i never heard john schneider intent to say why dan how is bode do bliss and in their life more well but you you waiting you meet this john very impressive so yes a it was great with weather's miserable finally the sun came out and now today we are sunkissed well lots of fog out there this morning but will mix it away ansi eighty nine above normal for your daytoday thursday's not bad 83 clouds late and then friday morning some showers could see an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon eighty two your high on friday early showers saturday then partly sunny looks pretty good for sunday right now eighty four and eclipse monday is is shaping up long forecasts looking at a little bit more sun so fog right now and seventy degrees eighty nine later today i think i mentioned this the other day dan i didn't want to dwell on it because it sounds a little braggadocio that a word plenty of now yeah yeah and it was the fact that the people who listened to our radio show in the morning bob made is the number one radio show in.

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