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The major allegations are not supported by the evidence to vote. I'm Michael hill, it's morning edition from NPR and WNYC. Ahead of an anticipated Supreme Court ruling that could make abortion illegal would look at life in countries where it already is. New Jersey prepares in case the Supreme Court also overturns New York's concealed carry law. And 50 years since title 9 banned sex discrimination in federally funded education programs that struggle continues. It's Thursday, June 23rd, the news is next. Live from NPR news, I'm Janine herbst, the House select January 6th committee today. Here's from former top justice officials who faced off against then president Donald Trump's pressure campaign to overturn the 2020 presidential election, and purest Claudia grisales reports, this will be the 5th hearing this month with more planned for July. The panels last June hearing will focus on Trump's campaign to force the Justice Department to line up behind his false claims of fraud in the 2020 election. The witnesses include former acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen, committee chairman Bennie Thompson says, after Thursday's hearing, there will be a break for more than two weeks, then the committee resumes an extended schedule in July with more hearings. The goal is to tell the story and to tell it in a factual manner as possible. Hearings next month are expected to delve further into the January 6th mob and Trump's inaction during the attack. Washington. In southeastern Afghanistan, the death toll has climbed to more than a thousand from the powerful magnitude 6.0 earthquake that struck a remote area yesterday bearing hundreds of families in their homes. International aid workers and Taliban officials are assessing the damage and piers DIA Hadid has more from Islamabad. So why this here is the keyword. There's so many people still buried under the rubble and it might take days to get them out because this area is so remote. It's rugged mountains that straddle the border of Pakistan, Afghanistan. It's mostly dirt roads to get there and they've turned to mud, because if this earthquake wasn't bad enough, there's been heavy rains that are being pounding the area, and beers dear Hadid. At an oversight hearing yesterday in the Senate committee on Indian affairs, lawmakers heard about the first volume of a department of interior investigative report on the brutal assimilation policies that were in place at federal Indian boarding schools, from member station, Ivan crummey, has more. At the hearing, the president of the first alaskans institute la quane Elizabeth medicine grow said that her grandmother was one of the many indigenous children that endured the abusive assimilation practices of Indian boarding schools. Her name was Mona Jackson. I wear her regalia. Here today. Because I wanted to bring her with me. And I wanted to become a vessel for her voice. The report included schools run or funded by the United States government. And left out programs like orphanages and asylums. The truth and healing commission on Indian boarding schools, policies act, which would allow further investigations into the human rights violations of these schools, was proposed in response to the committee's work for NPR news. I'm Ivan Kreme. It was features contracts to trading a positive territory Dow futures up about a half percent NASDAQ futures up more than 1%. This is NPR. On member station WNYC at 7 O four, a good morning on Michael hill. Thank you, Sean Carlson for starting us off this morning. 64 in clouding out today a chance of afternoon showers, mostly cloudy and 73 for a high. 6 trains are running with delays in the city this morning and there's a crash on the garden state Parkway southbound that is northbound before exit one 35 central avenue. Kids younger than 5 can now get the COVID-19 vaccine in families or lining up around New York City to get their little ones the shot could train Mathis from the lower east side was one of many parents outside the Times Square vaccine hub yesterday, her daughter lyra was born in May 2020 and Madison says she's been waiting to get her vaccinated ever since. Now we're gonna be

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