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The men check you know from the Netflix film, the lost daughter and the HBO series Succession. Others in the cast include Jackie weaver, Hank Azaria, hanifa wood, Alison pill, Nick padani and Duchenne Williams. No word on when viewers can say hello to hello tomorrow. And finally today still more award nominations for Apple TV plus. This time on looks alone. Apple and cider says the Cupertino streamer has picked up 5 nominations for the 26th annual excellence in production design awards from the art Directors Guild. The piece says those awards honor art direction in TV shows, films, music videos, commercials, and animated features. Titles nominated from Apple TV plus include the tragedy of Macbeth, foundation, the morning show, schmigadoon and Ted Lasso. Those last two are facing up against each other. Always seems unfair. Apple actually picked up three other nominations, though these are not tied to the streaming service. The ads and promotional videos, saving Simon shot on iPhone 13 pro introducing iPhone 13 pro and the Apple music piece, Billie Eilish, happier than ever, all seemed to be up for the same award. That seems even less fair than the force fight between Ted Lasso and schmigadoon. They are Directors Guild Awards will be handed out on Saturday. The.

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