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Is CBS news on the, hour, presented by Liberty Mutual, insurance, on that fiber it took. A couple of days but President Trump has finally raid remarks about the late Senator John McCain hearts and prayers, are, going, to the family of Senator John, McCain it'd be a lot of activity over the next number of days and we very much appreciate everything that, Senator McCain has done for a country it was at a. Dinner he hosted for evangelical leaders at the White House it comes after the White House I, decided to stop flying the American flag at. Half staff though McCain's through McCain's frito Sunday, then made a change late this afternoon Senator Johnny Isakson. Anybody who anyway Tarnishes the reputation. Of John McCain deserves a weapon Because most of the ones who would do the wrong thing about John. McCain didn't have the guts do the right thing the US and Mexico have agreed. To overhaul NAFTA the North American Free trade agreement both countries put pressure on Canada to agree to new terms on things like auto trade Bill Reinsch with the. Center for strategic and international studies offers this view the important issue I think now is whether Canada will come in the idea of NAFTA from the, beginning was to have an integrated, North, American market dividing it up into separate US Mexico separate US. Canada pieces I think would be a good thing auto stocks soared and the s&p five hundred and the NASDAQ rally directed highs on. The expectation that candidate would sign onto the deal police are still searching for a motive in. The third mass shooting in two years in Florida Sunday's Jacksonville shooting during a video game journey left two people dead and eleven hurt FBI special agent Charles. Spencer says, they've been speaking with the suspects parents his. Parents both mother. And father have been fully cooperative the FBI So so far they've provided access to all the records we requested and but very understanding the need for information. To ensure the few others witnesses say twenty four year old suspect was a disgruntled gamer angry. Because he lost a tournament former staffers at an elite New Hampshire prep school are accused of sexually abusing students correspondent Elaine Quixote eleven former employees of Phillips. Exeter academy, are accused of fondling students along with other. Sexual misconduct Two new reports detail the claims spanning several decades this, school is also accused of. Mishandling the complaints and failing to investigate them top seed Simona Halla Ended up on the wrong side of history at the US open she becomes the first woman in the. Professional era to lose in the first round of the open fell in straight sets to Kaya Nikki Number one CBS news WBZ, news time. Twelve three the Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic.

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