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Closed back at the end of November, right before Thanksgiving holiday during a surge in the Cove it numbers had that Time because officers are expected to be mobbed. Today, D M V staff will serve customers in the order that they arrive each person getting a number and then will be called into the lobby. When it's safe to conduct business. Most DV transactions can be completed online, including registrations and renewals. But there are still some that mandate in person dealings that includes Most title transfers to spend time transactions. Trust titles, Tiny homes and vin number and processing verification on Fox 30 was Jim Hooley for K Away. NewsRadio Ya Paso County Sheriff's Office is now under a judge's order to follow certain covert 19 safety guidelines while negotiating a lawsuit settlement with the A C L U an order issued yesterday by U. S District Court judge requires the sheriff's office to follow a list of 15 requirements, including mask wearing and virus testing protocols. The order says that both the sheriff's office and the A C L U have agreed to terms of that order while their negotiations continue. The order's gonna be infect for 90 days. There's a change at the top for the Denver Broncos. John Elway is hiring a GM for the team. He will maintain the title of president of football ops, but no longer be the GM. Always says being general manager hey, will make the final calls and his role will be that of an adviser. Instead. I'm planning on being and involved in some of those discussions, especially the big ones. To where No, I could be helpful. But ultimately the GM's gonna have that control Bill come in here and, you know, see what he's doing. He sees fit with the roster, Elway says. It's a transition He's been thinking about for a long time. Brandon will have more coming up in sports in a few minutes, and we'll talk to Ryan Edwards from Broncos Country tonight. Later on this hour. Denver District Attorney Beth McCann will not be receiving a raise this year, the Denver City Council approving a new contract from a can last night, leaving her salary just over $228,000 a year. She'll receive a 1% raise next year, followed by a 3% raises in 2023 2025 McCann won re election in November. Country crooner Blake Shelton is sparking backlash over his new song minimum Wage. The singer debuted the song during NBC's New Year's Eve special, and now the lyrics are under fire. Specifically, People are critical of the line girl. Your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage fans took to social media, calling the song ironic, adding that it's released was poorly timed as many are struggling to stay afloat amid the corner virus pandemic. I don't know how I feel about taking things really, literally and on Sunday, get this. The publicist for actress Tanya Roberts said she died now He says he was wrong. Actress Tania Robert's best known for rolls is the Bond girl in 1980, five's A View to a kill on that seventies show was confirmed dead Sunday by her publicist make Tingle put out a statement saying Roberts had died in the hospital after collapsing while walking her dogs Christmas Eve in Los Angeles. Now, Pringle says he was told by Robert's husband that she had died. But that wasn't in fact. Pays. Her husband, Lance O'Brien, now says he was called Monday by the hospital and told Roberts is alive in the ICU. But in dire condition, it's not exactly clear how the mistake was made. Jason Nathan's an ABC News at the very least, time for new publicist. I would say, I would say at least sounds like yeah, that she's an ill health. Still, by the way, she was one of Charlie's Angels to 20 and run is a seven and seven here on Colorado's Morning news BK was sports. Ah, Broncos GM who and what would that look like? And we're gonna be talking money. News of Pat as well that Dr John.

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