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NBC affiliates in mobile, Alabama. Residents where residents saw leprechaun in a tree. Yeah. Did they assume we'll play that several times throughout the morning? It's our dislike are sad song. Palooza on Valentine's Day Jason and Alexis tradition. So we'll get to that a little bit later. But right now, sad news more hot dish. Damn you net. Flicks. Cancelled one day at a time after three seasons. They didn't renew it. And I'm just bombed. I'm bummed for several reasons I love this show. I called it a pacer show because it was a good respite. If you watched all these deep things, it was a traditional three camera sitcom, it was a modern take on the classic Norman Lear show one day to time about a single mom who moves to Indianapolis. This was a Cuban American family and. She didn't have in this iteration. She didn't have to daughter. She had a daughter a gay daughter, and she had a son and a hysterical mother played by the great the legendary Rita Moreno who I can't believe we're not gonna see on television anymore. Venice in this role. And it's just it's sad and dawn people are mad. Yes, they are mad mostly because of the way net flicks sort of position themselves as like, listen, we understand you're upset. You know, if we're your friend. They put it as simply there simply weren't enough people watching for them to invest in it again, they also hinted that we understand that. There are a lot of issues that were brought up on the show where people felt represented, you know there. You know issues with Cuban Americans. Transgender people bisexual people they they brought up rape molestation all kinds of issues that people also veterans because she was in the military struggling to go to school. Exactly. So a single mom just all of these issues that people felt like, well, that's me. And they sort of you know, because they were so touchy feely about their tweets. Basically saying we know that you really love this. But don't worry. We're going to give you other shows that. Tackle these issues. Like, it's just interchangeable. That's what people are upset about that. It just it feels like, well, you know, it's not just like, okay. We just throw any show on their people are going to relate to it. So that's that's the long and short of what people are so frustrated TC. It could also be a method for them to get people to watch. Then to maybe say, oh, all right. We took the bottle a little bit. Now, you guys are back in watching it. So we're going to renew it. Oh, you mean, they're just playing us right now fake, cancel it. And then bring it back. That's that's that was my first thought, I don't know about you guys. I'm thinking, well, that's a good way for them to go. Hey, you know, you gotta start watching it and tell your friends, and I'm not sure if that's working, but it feels like that's what they're doing. Why would like that? I mean. The the hope to a lot of the cast members and executive producer is hoping it's going to find a new home. I think the problem is. And I don't want to get too inside baseball in too much in the weeds on this one of the problems is this show is a title, which means it is the one time characters because it's odd they've already been established. It's a property that Netflix doesn't own they have to they have to buy this franchise owned by Norman, Lear and Sony. So that's another thing. People are thinking that. That's why net flicks isn't as invested because they have to license this show. Preexisting title that makes sense on original programming. Yeah. So it's not as cost effective because they have to buy the licensing and they have to. So that's that's playing into. And that's also going to probably hinder the possibility of one day to time finding a new home at work because it's. It's a little expensive to buy the licensing for that title for that show. It is owned by Norman Lear, and paramount Sony, Sony property, Sony, Pictures, I believe that's the studio at owns it. They're not invested in any streaming service are they Sony. No, no. So this is what happened with guys marvel shows. You know, yes, same same thing. It's one of the things laugh if you will it's one of the things that happened with Dallas. Remember, I went to Mr. Hubbard when TNT cancelled Dallas and the Hubbard family member that runs reels channel the cable network. Yeah. He he checked he was going to use was willing to investigate whether they would pick it up. But he was he had a meeting even had a meeting with Warner Brothers. And the issue came down to it was expensive the Dallas name just like one day to time you have to pay for that. And every character is owned. It's not like, you know, what I mean? It's a it's a licensing deal too. And these shows that have pre that have existed before another networks, it's it's more expensive than you think it is to by the licensing. So that's sadly what I think will do it as well. But. I loved it. It's still available. You can watch all three seasons. It gave attention to story lines and characters that you don't often see on television. And it was one of the many reasons I loved it things. You don't see on ABC NBC and CBS people represented that you don't see on ABC CBS and NBC they were represented on the show and represented very.

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