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As we preview the Las Vegas Raiders for the 2020 season coming up and our number three Amino Hason will join us as we will chat about the MBA, restart down in Orlando and then in the final hour still to come. At 9 20 PM Eastern 6 20 PM Pacific will be joined by David Archer, the former NFL quarterback, now part of the Falcons radio network will do first and goal and preview The Atlanta Falcons 2020 season, alright yesterday. Pretty sure right at this time yesterday. We were talking about this list by ESPN, and it did break down the percentage. You know the chances of certain players in the league and guys that are either Considered a lot to make the Hall of Fame, for example, You're Brady's your breezes. You're Rogers. You're J. J. Watts of the world. You're Larry Fitzgerald's. You Get the gist of that big then, too. Then it was the guys that are likely to make the hall. I know one name on the list that I think so locked. But he was considered likely is Frank Gore. And then there's some guys that still have work to do, so I want to throw out a few names right now. Of guys that aren't your quarterbacks guys that aren't your running backs guys that aren't your wide receivers, Not your skill position players in the league that I don't want to say, necessarily fly under the radar. Guys, though, that have had great careers. That may not get a ton of recognition nationally because they're an offensive lineman, or they're a defensive lineman, or they're even a special teams player. And I have AH, list of five or six guys, you know, five or six guys that I think will be Hall of Famers. That if I say their name, I don't know if you instantly say, you know, I just threw out one of these names. I don't know if the average fan goes. Yeah, no doubt about it. Sure. Fire Hall of Famer will be Hall of Famer, one So the 1st 1 I'm going to start off with this Chandler Jones. Who was the 15th ranked player in the NFL this past year on the NFL top 100. This guy has been to a pro ball three times. He's been a two time first team all pro. He was on the all decade team for this past decade. He led the league in sacks in 2017 and was a part of the Patriots Super Bowl victory up against the Seattle Seahawks. Chandler Jones. Has 96 career sex. In the last five seasons. He has had double digit Zach seasons with his lowest being 11. His highest being this past year of 19. Assuming Chandler Jones, who is only 30 years old and just turned 30 in February, and he has two years left on this contract this year next year before becoming a free agent in 2022. If he plays another 3 to 4 years of solid football. Or let's say he goes 14 sacks. 11 sacks. And then even if he goes back to back years, 88 sacks. This is going to be a guy that will be a pro Football Hall of Fame. We'll make a few more Pro Bowls probably make another all pro team or to Chandler Jones is on the path. With what he's done in Arizona. He got off to a good career in New England. And I believe it's six total double digit sack seasons that he's had in his career. But this is a guy that with what he's really done in Arizona, he is going to be and should be a Hall of Fame player. And if you want to go through his entire career 2012 6 Acts 2013 11.5 2014 6 2015 at 12.5. Had the divorce with New England. They traded him away to Arizona. And when he did go to Arizona 11 17 13 19. Are the sack numbers for Chandler Jones. So I believe Chandler Jones on his path to Canton, Ohio. Next up a former teammate of Chandler Jones. And I know right now, the minute I say this name people are going to tell me. How is he going to get in the Hall of Fame is Steve Castor's out in the Hall of Fame and don't get me wrong. Steve Tasker. Special teams demon should 100% being all things. When we look at one of the better special teams players in the last decade in the league, it's Mathis late of the New England Patriots. Everything. You wanted a football player. That is not an offensive player. And is someone that still emerges as a team leader, and he's been enormous for them and flipping field position. Saving Ah lot of footballs at the wonder the two yard line. He has done a great job for that team over the years. Where he's emerged as a big time leader. You know, it's been Brady there McCord e and the second era of the second dynasty for the Patriots. It's been Brady. It's been McCourty and it has been Matthew Slater. Those are probably The three biggest leaders for the Patriots in the last 10 years of football. It's Devin McCourty, Matthew Slater and Tom Brady. I mean, you look at the career Matthew Slater if I could make the Hall of Fame case for him because all these names I'm goingto list. He's probably warmer people got no way. No way. What are you talking about? He's won three Super Bowls has been to a pro Bowls. Has been a five time first team All pro Was a second team all pro one year. And this is someone that year after year at the year makes tremendous special teams play. He probably if you think about it. If I'm being honest with you, he probably doesn't get in because people don't appreciate special teams. But if you're asking me is Matthew Slater, a great player or not. For what he does for that team. He is a great player in my mind someone because of maybe the team he plays on as we go to the next name. We all know he's a great player. But when you think of some of the better defensive lineman in the league because he's on the Bangles, you may not rush to say this person. He has had such a good career, and it's one that nationally. Honestly deserves more attention. He's made. The Pro Bowl is eight times. He's been a two time first team All pro. He was on the all decade team. For this past decade, and that's Gino Atkins. Gino Atkins is a tremendous A tremendous football player. And I know my buddy Nick Wilson, who, by the way, Congratulations, toe Nick Wilson and just parcel in the afternoon show from 3 to 7. Out in Carolina and W frenzy. We now are on right after them. So I guess Nick is listening to us on the way home. He text me and he said if Matt Slater was bangle, he wouldn't be a Hall of Famer. That's fair. Even when you win three Super Bowls and When you also.

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