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Dylan Dan is nice to see you again. So fast. Yes. I know they love you every Komen on that picture you put about me talk into the microphone guys. Yeah. I know. I know, but wh- what do you make of that? Like it is. I mean, you could be like to meet your strength, and we're not Macaire. So gosh, why Dimitrius? No. Because I mean think about he's one of the best fires were I think Ford has this before you could be thirty four. But if no one wants to watch like, I mean, it doesn't really matter. So it was one of the best in the world. But no one if if I was on the street, and I was telling someone Dimitris Johnson's fighting tonight. Maybe not though. That's right. They care. I mean, there's always you need conversation. You need you need you need people to be talking. So it would posted not one person said something that that's the pro. You know, when no one's saying nothing had also I enjoy when they're in different. Exactly. You wanna be controversial in a way? Guess we'll let me be the first welcome. You do exotic Bristol Connecticut. Well, all right here was tough enough on what what what was it like how much you hate me right now. I get carsick. So you sick right now. We're both struggling all my God. We're gonna big bus to and it was not. It's not. It's not fun. Didn't get you like a link. They didn't feel the jet when I was coming. So they said they're on the same car. Oh my gosh. Although they got you a bus one of those like nicely. Those Mercedes ones. Okay. All bad. It's not bad. But it's still big like when you get carsick. It's it's tough going to throw up. No. But I was close really like thinking about having them stop the car because I didn't want to be like the guy that was someone else. I didn't want anyone started. Remember used to come like midtown Manhattan. We were down rather on your scooter cool. This is like, yeah. This is big time. Yeah. So you don't hate me. Too much. I enjoy good good. Yes. So like you said we spoke like two weeks ago two three weeks ago. Now at this point, they might have been three weeks. Yeah. Articles came from that. So that's right. That's right. That's why a lot of headlines the boost the ratings people if they don't want me on. But in reality, they all tune in any way. So this really it reminds me of Howard Stern they wants to pull about Howard Stern. And they found out that the people that claim that they hate him. Actually, listen able the amount of time than those who say that they are fans all the haters turned into fans eventually so right now, we are not in New York anymore. We're in Bristol. Is there anything did you hear those absolutely nothing is a great hotel? They give you Smith. What am? I mean. He's not he's he's like that guy. Of course. He's big Emma mega, yes. Hue to Stephen Smith is hilarious old school boxing guy. Really loves you have see and belts where he comes up and talk to me about the fights all the time like he really falls it. Yeah. He's also always wanted to meet him. That'd be cool. Very, but I was trying to set you up because the last time you were on may eleventh you announce that you are fighting you returned to action, but the plans have changed please tell us and talk into the microphones. So the world can lean back. Yes. I know your chil-. So yeah, we we switched the car now twenty in Madison Square Garden, which is ridiculous for me. I live one block away from magic Square Garden..

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