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Lawlor revenge is justified plot concerns itself with bullying and really the ultimate bullying a mob. Boss who calls for a hit on one, man. But mistakenly kills the man's wife and his best friend's husband. But what goes around comes around and the two survivors make it their lifelong mission to get back at the man who ordered the hit they do it in an unconventional way. And surprisingly a non violent way they actually attempt to infiltrate the mob bosses drug smuggling operation to drain his Bank accounts and his illegally obtained fortune. What happens next, I can't tell you the whole story the backdrop for this funds summer read a name of the book. Again, is revenge is justified written by Tom Lawlor jot down the title, you can find it on Amazon dot com. Imagine other places where you get books, and if you're like, many some. Readers. You're always on the lookout for the next. Good read. Perhaps you just found adventures justified by Michigan author Tom Lawlor get around to this Saturday night. One thing. So the cold open to the start of their season was the. Brad Kavanagh hearing from last week. Now, they had Matt Damon come out, and he went beserk, he played, you know, he remember Matt Damon. What was that? What was that? Think what movie it was in? He basically was red-faced guzzling water ripping it all over him self. He was making fun of of Brett Kavanagh's facial, tics and expressions and sniffing and all the rest, and it just got louder and louder and. And more and more like like this cut three we'll start there. Cut three usually an optimist. Check is half full kind of guy..

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