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The main gerald no one else got rid of omarosa it's a huge tribute to him that he was the person to look into reality show competitor and be like she should probably be the white house don't you always overlap between kelly and morose an orosa went on to say i have the quote rate here that her drive it though i know why why did iceland corrodes moran of asia it's not what your country can do for you dave georgia its celebrity big brothers or okay he's she said you know to explain it talking about our time of the way that she's like she said so i'm they're fighting fighting fighting getting my head bashed in and nobody coming out publicly to say we support her and she said she wouldn't vote for trump quote in a million years she would not vote for him again and she said the country is in really bad shape like that were it's not going to be okay she kept saying it's not going to be okay to us the answer those an amazing see now washington i just told me is it going to be okay and she's like ross baby i can't is like really like oh this is actually kind of the best way to deliver the news about trump i that's just like intimate laundering money sprawled out on some california couch all right yeah yeah whilst you guys get coast california couch the vets were big bro shot i got you a brand with like that like it's not like west elms competitors.

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