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Here's Rod bar. Val Ackerman joins us on sports. byline USA. She is the Commissioner of the Big East conference. She also first president of the WNBA first woman to ever successfully launching operate a women's sports leagues. She was inducted into the women's basketball hall of fame graduated from the University of Virginia was among the school's first female scholarship athletes. She has a law degree, and also she served as a staff attorney for the NBA and Special Assistant Commissioner. David Stern. You know when you hear all of that? which one makes you smile the most of all the things that you've done vow. That's a hard one ron. I've been so lucky because I. I've been at the right place at the right time with some very exciting opportunities in sports. I mean I played as a student athlete. I had a chance to keep that connection going with my work at the NBA and later with USA basketball, and now in college sports kind of coming full circle. So It's all it's all been a thrill I. I would have to put the WNBA up up near the top, though to be able to be part of The the the launch of women's pro basketball in a sustainable way. In the US was really a thrill for me to be able to work with David Stern. Another is at the NBA on. That was definitely a highlight but I. I've been very lucky. I've had some exciting things that I've done. Got Cut, trying to make the cheerleading squad. Yes I still. Think about that. that moment it was Probably the best thing that ever happened I think in some ways and and sort of very interesting. I guess the back in that time. That was one of the few sports offered for women at my junior high school. It was actually the only sport you do sports in the in the summer months in my hometown, but there weren't organized sports at that time, and that's what you did and I didn't make it but fortunately when I got to high school there was a full offering fuller. Fuller offering there and was lucky to have been able to be at the ground floor of really the post title, nine years, and to see the growth of women's sports has been fantastic. One of the things that I've found in talking to everybody. Mostly athletes and people that are in sports is at that obviously were they grew up? Had some influence on them now you grew up in New Jersey and you grew up in the sixties. Tell me a little bit about how that fashion to Bow Ackerman is. Well. You know I was very lucky because my dad was a a high school athletic director, he was the basketball referee. He was himself very very interested in sports, both as a participant and a spectator and he took a great interest in my sports career. I have a younger brother and my dad was. He treated me like a son. When it came to sports. we would. We would play anything I mean. We were throwing. Throwing footballs in the front yard we were planning shooting baskets in the on in the hoop. The driveway we would hit tennis balls He was the starter at my swimming meets. We would play. Ping Pong in the table in the basement badminton backyard. You name it. We did everything and I think that probably shaped me more than anything It got me interested in sports. it just just seemed made sports such a natural in my life. Dad Is I. mentioned was an administrator and I. Think in the back of my mind I figured that at some point, that's what I would do as well and so he was a role model in a lot of ways, and again I didn't have many sports opportunities as a young girl, but when I got to high school there were offerings. I was very fortunate that women's intercollegiate. intercollegiate athletics were opening up at the time. I left Highschool, so I was able to go to a great school. The University of Virginia and play basketball there at a time when when our program there was just getting off the ground, so I guess you know I was sort of always right there I think timing wise as things were unfolding, but growing up in the suburbs and And New Jersey with a dad and mom, of course who was very supportive as well, but having parents who really understood how important sports was to me sports to me and made some of those opportunities possible was was really the the best thing that could have happened I. Remember something that Michael Jordan said to me one time, and this is the trademark of all great athletes I mean. Mean even Billie Jean King said this to me. Reggie Jackson said it to me when the game is on the line I WANNA be the one to determine the outcome. If I succeed I'll take the glory if I fail I'll take the blame now. Not Everybody is comfortable with that, but have you kind of used that as a way of life. You've never been afraid to try anything. Well I you know I, I'm not sure I'd say that. But I do think life is about taking risks. nothing gained. Nothing Lost I. Think is certainly you know a credo that I've had I think you have to kind of live every day like it's your last one and and not have regrets. And, so I. You know I suppose when it comes to playing sports. That's part of it. You kind of have to leave it on the floor. Over the field every time you play or What's the point But I think in other things. I've done some things that I. Know My parents were sort of scratching their heads about in terms of travel I went to college in the South I went to law school on the West. Coast you know I did some traveling in between You know I I do think at some point. You have to take chances. And if you don't you just sort of, don't move the ball forward itself. Fortunately I've been in a position where I've been able to do that. Your basketball coach at Virginia debby. Ryan said something very interesting. People were drawn to her, and immediately saw her as a leader who is going to have an extraordinary career. Everyone knew. Did you know? Well DEB, DEB's way to kind. There is very lucky to play for her. She really built the Virginia Program I was fortunate to be in her first class there and so we really did grow up together. I'd say at UVA and and and really with the onset of Women's sports. There look I mean. If someone had told me then that I would have had the career I had I would have laughed. My aspiration really was to be a lawyer. I figured I'd be practicing. You know law and a law firm, or maybe arguing cases before some judge maybe in the back of my mind I..

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