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Why why people say that because they only get a very limited version Shane on the screen but there is another side town? I mean I'm a smart. I'm really mean one to find out there. Yeah in Kabul for a week and I thought he was so sweet. Meet Nice young one and that's coming from someone who called a little bitch but Kelly Kelly along but I would hope that. We have the opportunity for people to see more sides of Shane. Because I feel like it was just a very limited version of him and I'm not saying he's not like that because he he can be very sarcastic. He's very blonde but there is another side to him. That's very sweet very kind and I just feel like no one's really had the opportunity to see me. You know what I mean. That's comfortable in front of the cameras. And so I think that's. That's his his defense mechanism behind. And you know you don't WanNa film. I mean they're not yet they. They're not comfortable doing it. They don't they don't want they don't want to talk about things and so it's it puts me in an awkward position because they're like talking about the bar ashamed about the bar and then he's he's like I don't want to talk about the bar so and then I'm trying to respect his boundaries but I'm trying to do my job at the same time so it's it's it's a difficult balance sometimes. It is hard because you go into this and you don't know how much your family is going to be a part of it and it has a husband like I'm an open book but they WanNa be like Eddie like you talk about certain things within. Maybe he's like I don't want to talk about. He's not let's go download. He's like yeah I don't WanNa do you think he's like this the whole time Yeah this is great I give yeah so he pretty much just checks out. I'm not into. It always has good advice always does. But it's not his favorite thing right Do you feel like Shah. So you're saying in a way. We're only seeing this one side of Shane. I Know Gina on Watch Watch happens live mentioned that you feel like it's it's a two sided situation so not like in this vendor by her saying the things that you do. Oh I'm really super reactionary. And she knows that and I know that Yeah Sometimes Hill. He'll say things that probably are are more benign and I just like full force in like a year this year that I want a divorce and so it's both both of us. It's not just him pivoting back to eddy for a second. What did he think about your? Make out your epic make out with Bronwyn. Well vape. Can You keep a close on. Not just the girls. It's all I ask because the two well you can't have either. I broke them. He was just bummed. He didn't get to watch the what. I've never seen you like that. You get naked and you jumping Z.. But what was it. One last year turned me on or two years ago Tequila Ella and so every time we'd like to kill it to you. Let's go so far. I have broken my foot on Tequila. I have made out with Bronwyn time. Like I'm not drinking uh-huh more attention to what's Shannon. What is the beverage that gets you to be happy to be a happy drunk person? Well I neela Tequila. Oh that's fun Mexico trip now. My new drink of choice is it really. Do you feel like the season was fun I mean. Did you feel like you had had some fun. I mean I know. MIRA didn't turn out pan out. Start the way you wanted it to but what about some of the other. Yeah I mean this is my sixty sixty year and I feel like the first five hundred up so I did have clients over rough. Well I know but I I did have a lot of fun this season you know and I. It's been so fun to see you. You've seen refreshed rejuvenated and just so happy and it's Oh awesome. It is to watch. The journey is really something. I'm very blessed. I wake up with a smile on my face every day. So let's right so Bronwyn Doctor deb. What what is happening because we understand that? Maybe you guys aren't talking right now. Yeah we're in a really really difficult place. I will say though my cast members have given me such great advice because you get on the show and you don't know what's GonNa Affect Your family. I tell her unique with uh-huh yeah and I'm sure I think my kids are there with her right now. I'm here with my husband so she's babysitting my kid. It's not anything you know insurmountable. But it's it's hard it's hard on your family in ways that you don't expect in because they don't working you it you know and you you say things in confessionals they were like well. Why are you angry? Why do you act like you're saying things like well during my child or my mom I mean my mom texts me? And she's like really. Did you really have to say that. I mean and it's order or other family members because there's a lot of times if you're being honest about your life and you're talking about your reality sometimes you say things about your husband your sister your your mom. And they don't pretend they're paying and their mother daughter relationship. I have my side which is probably not and she has hers. And there's somewhere in the the middle probably the truth but you gotta come together and we we will be okay. That's good yeah okay. Well Dr Deb will not be messed with it. See Fashion Week Week No. I'm going to apologize Dr deb on behalf of Kathy by the way that was that was a night. Bronwyn. Were you annoyed at being kind of pointed out as the bad guy at the tea party for bringing up Kelly. When in fact you were trying to clarify? Yeah I hated that that was hard to watch and actually it was hard to watch because our friendship was off camera hurt by that and so she when we watched the episode. I kept telling her when you see it. You'll understand. She hugged me and said I'm so sorry. Yeah but that that actually did hurt because that was you know we're friends in in real life and that. Yeah yeah that was hard. That's nice but it was. It was good when she saw it. Right yeah and it was like now. We're back halder and I'm like we have a drink. Yeah well you guys. We're going to do a little just a little quick thing called pests and it's it's an honor of course Tamra because she's always patsy passed. She's just pissed off about stuff. She's I'm GonNa ask you if your past about something you just say yes. I'm pass on if you're not petting you're not past okay. Okay Septembre are. Are you past. The biggie. Didn't give you a stronger reaction. When singer Queen Victoria makeup? You passed about that. You're not past okay. Sheena worst Gina. Are you showed two biggies. Tea Party dresses the mad hatter I was I was passed you but I was the only I've never on time and I was only there and everybody else was like regular. You know. They were just normal people at Brunch. And I'm just sitting there like they used to see it. Yes how are you past that. You bought Dr Brian. Four thousand dollar bike. No 'cause I have it. Ah Shannon. Are you past that you made out with a stranger and a bar and San Diego has uh-huh Okay Bronwyn. Are you pest that the women made fun of your left so much no emily are. You passed that. Shane kept trying to make you eat bread during your date night. No okay great okay. Okay so now I would love it Shannon. I would love for you to do one of two things one either. Teach me the trace Amigas dance okay or teach me how to do an amazing runway walk from out of fashion runway and having fun do you want. Let's audience choose which one way runway runway. Okay let's do it. Let's get this music.

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Bronwyn Doctor, Shane, Kelly Kelly discussed on Bravo TV's Daily Dish

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