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Aired On Monday, June 01, 3 PM, On The Ziglar Show.



This episode, the success strategy of kindness I mean for your success strategy. What tools will you choose? Grit willpower talent perseverance. National correspondent for ABC News who has all those, but she sites her? Most beneficial asset has been kindness. Mean you probably think of being a nice thing to do right? That may be the least value Adrian banker. She credits kindness for her rapid career trajectory that took her from a traffic anchor at a local news station to the coveted role of national correspond for ABC News and our new book, your hidden superpower, the kindness that makes you unbeatable at work and connects you with anyone. She outlines a continual opportunities and promotions, which time and time again were vote upon her, because of her devotion to being kind everyone at all times, which is not an easy prospect as you're gonNA here on the. The show, I mean this show's really gives you a different perspective on being kind, which is not always being nice as you're going to hear as well. Adrian is an Emmy Award winning journalist known for her compelling interviews. She was the pop news anchor for the weekend edition of good. Morning America and is now a new york-based national correspondent for ABC, News just type her name into your search engine hit news, and you'll generally find national coverage from her within the past forty eight hours..

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