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Fuck and said you know 'cause they're they're poppy banned but the lyrics or set that was huge legs so we ran on evidence like common like hey i also like to buy sega genesis games thing but he really hit plea biathlon yet halayqa hip hop cassettes as well i'm a huge well i like hip hop everything and by i gotta lot my hip up collection is pretty insane but like that's my point is like if you meet somebody you can bond over the big thing which is glam rock were were hiphop or i also love this thing that you love but then there are those little things where it's like you know oh you also know this obscure banned that nobody else has ever talked to you about ever and has or we skipped over in your when they look to your collection that's pretty big how that it's almost as big as us liking the same genre of something the acronym say and here's also to like when you guys for when you're when you're relationship like see guys became friends in that you know you went out what when was the moment when you guys were like going to be like oh i really want to be friends with them i'm gonna make a commitment yeah we are like when did that hail live longer i fell out and live life a long time i'm not sure i've made that can make that battle as you said i don't know there there's never going to be honest commitment ceremony or that's why i was interested to hear that i actually probably we we kind of already did celebrate ten years they had a night at the nineyear point they siriusxm had a hair metal festival that i had like a year they got roure everybody to weigh in news diet orange county who didn't play who has read gig have you ever who have run vase lose okay so going from the headliners down vince neil was ridiculously bad we left wrote my was worried about vince meals health at that show i saw him not to sidetrack yes it also i saw here i saw motley crue me and bill burr's saw motley crue open up for arrowsmith in long island years ago in bill it before we both befriended joe perry steps on so we got to go backstage in meat arrowsmith which was really cool yeah.

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