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Long the shutdowns last you know if if stores are closed on average let's say one month Then we might be able to come back with something that approximates a reasonable schedule if it goes longer. Obviously you can't have him. I wouldn't think I while I should say I don't work in on the business side of it so I can't say for sure but a stores are closed the long time you know. I don't know they can come back with a big market dump of product so I think it's a long way of me saying I'm not sure everybody knows yet because we don't know how long this is going to last and we don't know how long it's going to take for example to perhaps fine viable alternatives and so to a certain extent. This is just uncharted territory. That we're all trying to figure out. What does this mean as it goes on because every day seems to bring something different? So it's really GONNA get down to How long is this going to last? What is the state of the industry at that time who is still left to facilitate product movement Things like that and I don't know that we have those answers yet. Yeah it's it's been really eerie for me like I've been buying comics every Wednesday since I was like eight or nine years. Old going to Schindler's Comex or Schindler's was a bookseller. Tobacco SELLER BASEBALL CARD SELLER IN MINNESOTA was one of my favorite spots to go as a child in any Wednesday that there wasn't new books kind of left like a hole in my gut right like a hole in my heart. I was like oh I got to come back tomorrow. It didn't feel right because it was clockwork for me right now. It's just like they're all gone. I'm new books to read. And so what I've been doing is reaching out to all of the Minnesota vendors all the Minnesota comic book shops to see what options they have back issues and for our listeners out there that is something you can do reach out to him either. Facebook email phone. See what what options you have available because even if the storefront is an open they might be able to sell you trades and stuff like that through the internet or you know who knows you might end up driving to someone's house or something but there's there are ways to continue getting books what I would hope at this point. Is that If you go ahead and look at the essential.

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