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I don't i. I think he's four a half yards per carrier better. I think that probably depend. i think that's in the range. I probably have in projected right. I'm going to look. I probably haven't project right around four and a half yards per carry. I've got him just over that four point six but you know with barclay if he's the same player that he was and that's obviously the big question but if he's the same player that he was he's the most explosive running back in football he's the most likely to break off a big run and that's obviously going to help as efficient the look of it not. He's probably not more likely to break off a big run. The nick chubb historic terrific. Dan you know. I love chub in that regard but i know you love to see you man right on time and then the final barkley stat was that he averaged twenty percent more targets right around seven point four per game with eli manning and six point one per game with daniel jones. Yeah so this one's really interesting. Well first of all six point one per game is still pretty good right. Yes a ninety six target pace. Yeah i mean. That's that's great. And i've i've said this alive. You look at barclay. In his rookie season. His first eight games he was basically matt forte. He was on one hundred sixteen catches and one hundred and forty two targets. But then and this is all eli manning this year then they had a bye in week nine and then after that you said six point one targets per game under daniel jones after those games the last three games of the regular season. He didn't play in the playoffs. So the west games Six point three targets. So that's yeah. I mean i think barkley is like fifty five catch guy something like maybe a little bit more upside of big difference maker in the passing game. This is not none of this. Was actually to troy you. Even though it's fun troll you it was because i was writing the lead to my bust piece which is out on the site now and saquon. Barkley is the The the feature bust. I guess in my most recent bust column and the reason is in the consensus rankings. Before currently i was using the consensus rankings. Not adp like consensus expert. Rankings for who. I said saying the industry's too high on if he doesn't have twenty eighteen upside but he does have currently not one hundred percent risk possibly playing behind bottom ten offensive line risk possibly playing on a team that scores twenty five touchdowns again risk..

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