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They're just they have to say whatever's on the page, and if it if it's not good like an actor can only do so much with with what they're giving and directing to sometimes take or shot will go onto long or be cut too short. And the timing of their line is weird. And there's a lot. I mean, directing to absolately because I've seen I've seen low budget stuff where I'm like, I think this dramatic scene would be good. If. If it was shot if it was shot one. Yeah. But it, but because it's, you know, low budget and the lighting's bad, and you know, the camera work is sloppy. Like, it just looks cheap. Right cheapens, the the acting. I don't know. So I don't wanna compl- I'm not saying he was the worst actor ever. But like the beginning was like kinda rough like in in his defense. Also, he was playing off of things that weren't there pretty much the most the time because he's communicating and having seen with a Pok Mon that is not I don't know what they did in place of the Pika chew. But so he is having a scene with. Air mean, his interactions of P chew wasn't was no I will say I think the movie was the movie was great on the fact alone that the designs of the Pokemon are so impressive actually worked. I I was never bothered by any of the the looks of the Pok Mon Pika chew was got Jim. Dude. I like every time every time like the sad face. Sad face Pika chew gets like I there. There was a part where where I got a little I got a little watery in the ice. No. 'cause like peachy look so sad and one part when he got wet, and it's furs all matted. Spoiler pitchy. Gets wet. Just the Kahane's on them to be like what Pokemon. Are we going gonna feature in this movie mister mine -lica- tongue like some of the put on there throwing out there? I was like those are the hardest ones..

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