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What we can do is get people to put pressure. And so we earlier this year delivered a petition to the Saudi embassy. They wouldn't take it. My went with Bianca Jagger, and they refused to take the petition but had hundred thousand people had signed a petition to cool for Saudi Arabia to nor execute young people. So we've identified eighteen young men now, but they were boys and teenagers when they were sentenced to death, many of whom sensiti Filipowicz collectivism, one of them was sentenced to death because he'd administered a Facebook group say this is the pre he was actually on his way to the airport where he was going to go and take up a place at university in America on a sport scholarship says. Seventeen years old Mmashebi, and he was arrested on his way to the airport. And it is I firmly believe because of the work of reprieve and other human rights organizations that those boys that alive in Saudi Arabia because we have shown people in Saudi Arabia that we are watching and that the UK government and other governments and not going to let this happen and say signing petitions writing to your member of Parliament, I know MP's get shed lows from people all the time at she saying to your P you've got to raise this you've got to stop these executions from happening. British government does have influence in Saudi Arabia, and in many of the other countries where we work particularly in the Middle East. And so what people can do is. Why website look our campaign sign up petitions. But also, the the other thing that we do quite a bit of is when we've got people who are in prison facing death sentences. We will send them a birthday card will never fate. We will get thousands of people to send them about they caught. And I know some people think oh, isn't that? Nice. It's not gonna work. But actually last year we help secure the release of a young Irishman. In could Abraham Halawa and Abraham was seventeen when he was arrested in in Egypt. He was on holiday of its family, and he was rounded up on a protest in Cairo. And he spent nearly four years I think facing a death sentence, and we sent him a letter card signed by fifteen thousand people for his twenty first birthday. And we didn't know if he got it or not and last year he was released came into our office. Thank us. And he said the thing that gave me hope when I had lost hope. And that wasn't mazing. I mean, we were also slightly influence at that point. But that was incredible. And he said the Irish concert gave it to him. And they said we're gonna take away, but you can have look at it, and you can see and he read these messages, and he said at that point I was on the brink of giving up, and I I do think those things can make a difference to the individuals. Absolutely make a difference to the cases we've got one other question, which is we have the single in the coastal Jeff, oh, Chrissy, which is Jeff as the benign dictator ninety definitely have the death penalty. Let's say he appoints you as his sort of death penalty envoys anti-death penalty involved, but better better put we would you be the dancing and his voice. Well. For the job advisors. So what what's the thing? You would do what was thing you'd be telling him to do nothing. You be you'd be reprieve. Just maybe Pauley on the subject of British influence and the British governor controlling the bridge. Gary thought a Lenore scare is the current situation. The Jeff controls the British government. But what what what what could be what what more could be being done. I would say the British government have enormous influence around the world with a good thing or a bad thing. But they do, and I think the British government stand by their principles if we have principal being opposed to that I felt it which we've had in this country since it was abolished in the nineteen sixties then we need to stand behind that..

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