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Send recovering covert patients from hospitals to nursing homes and a new study shows Sharks have built in GPS. Researchers say they have evidence sharks rely on Earth's electromagnetic fields for their long distance trips around the ocean, sort of like nature's GPS. The research in the journal Current Biology shows magnetic displacement experiments were used to demonstrate bonnet head sharks know where home is and can navigate back to it, even after swimming thousands of miles. Researchers also cited a great white shark documented to have migrated between South Africa and Australia. Returning to the exact same location the following year. Amy King K if I news Content, including check a crash and she no hills. This one is along the 71. South bound coming up on the 60. Watch out here. Couple cars got into it. The right lane is blotches. Gonna jam up the drive on approach to that 60 also a couple of other problems going In San Bernadino, where all lanes are off limits. Tenis found Waterman to typical new That's going to jam up the drive. I would bail off at Mount Vernon, Work your way over on the surface streets get beyond the closure and hop back on Toothy tenis found Washington Avenue to the south or orange Show Road to the north. Now you can also Looks like we've got some good news in North Hollywood with the rest on the 1 70 south end of Victory all in should be open here, and traffic might be a little crowded, but it's It's improving quickly. K a pie in the sky Help sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez, the warmer, colder, warmer weather. Next you.

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