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I don't think that's ever happened before just kind of like all the next Gen stats. You know just all of it but yet you still deliver it so that if you're being ungraded at home you did check up all the boxes. Stuart Scott was a master at that he would say all his things that he wanted to say and put his vernacular but he'd also also just step the hell out of it so nobody could ever call them in and say. You didn't give us the hardcore sports 'cause he did. He did both so Stewart's up there and and very fun to work with as well I mean I look the guys I work with right now. Anderson I loved working in La withstanding ill but as a consumer whereas sitting and watching at home I guess it's hard to top down and keep things that they did for so many years and bobbly and Charley Steiner putting them all together because there's Bob. Lee's actually quite a funny guy great wit but on TV he was. I'm Bob Lee you know he he did his. I'm Bob leaving and he did it masterfully. You know he he he did real journalism. Well you you you imagine yourself serious guy. You imagine yourself when you were the politics. Being the Bob. Lee of serious is journalism on television indeed. My interest remain more than sports is just so happens. I make my living doing sport sort and I know I mean I would probably fail the PA quiz today because I still I still don't care but I don't eat or she by now could be. I don't know you don't have any regrets about that. Though right like you don't you don't wish it had turned out differently. It worked well all in a bunch of ways you know to be able to live the life we've led and and you know. I'm speaking of the rewards of it but who's to say that might not have happened open that I've had some great. Ken Burns level documentary that sold on net flicks like I think I really think I am capable of that. I think some people find. Let's get into discussion about something other than sports that you just that weird how it's like senior teacher at the grocery store you know and so out of context so how is it that he actually has an interest in something else. That has a lot more weight matters a great deal more than what might try to hit a home run or not if you got that Shit Kenny. I can't even imagine what Stuart Scott was getting. How much of that did you see and feel pre social media. We have certain bosses who wanted wanted done a certain way the best way to put it and I mean even in the Dan Keith article which I'm not sure if you said your did I did well. You didn't give me a chance to say whether I had read it or not but yes. I I read the article. Keith and Dan changed the form and in some ways gave you permission yeah I it wasn't like I was watching Dan Dan and Keith and like boy. I WANNA be like them. You know it was more. They were doing a thing that I think I could already do as well as that but it was just that it was hey. Let's have fun hour together. This is not you know Susan Church and this isn't anything that has to be dog matic. Why can't we just have a fun hour. MAKE PEOPLE WANNA come back and watch it. The next time I mean there was even like you go back to like George Michael Sports Machine. You know he didn't have the same delivery those guys but it was fun. Watch them and he has a big machine they highlight button and and this is back you know before you knew the results of things so it was pretty cool. Hickman Charles they were doing something like that. CNN so they weren't the only ones at that time but certainly they stood out. They just had a great chemistry even if they as they admit they didn't have that big chemistry otherwise they didn't like you know go fishing together or bowling or drinks or whatever they just kind of did their show took. Dan had the fastest exit in history he he was in his car like. I'm saying goodbye to the Florida. Standards just vanished like go to get one of those. You know it was pretty modern. It's time to be able to start your car. Remotely I think he had one of those mix gonna a remote if he might have had the the Brett farve privilege of parking inside the tunnel if you know what I'm saying but back to the question which I have not forgotten yes he got called in a similar similar way but I think part of that too was Stewart. Was You know dropping a hip hop version of it that maybe twelve white bosses didn't get quite in the same way as some of the rest of us and sometimes he would say either line from song or you know anything that conveyed to a certain audience those who got it all right but that's true with any joke or any delivery. That's a little bit inside so I think they were just made sure that he checked the boxes on the the stuff that had to be sad and then he got in his and he he do that thing which he people didn't know what what I do. He got away when he got away with but he was also very very good at the more conventional part so like you know when we interview baseball players sometimes on the talk back back we've butch breast and I have adopted a single. Ask them each if they believe in. UFO's because it's just so stupid and it just lightens the mood that would probably not being the textbook version of probably wanting to conduct post game baseball player interviews right doing things that disarm people kind of uncomfortable uncomfortable and they Kinda giggled. Oh they're working fun all right good. You know instead of tell me what you saw that three to pitch that you drove for a double you know that's Kinda boring. When then would you say at espn you were having the most fun I remember now but my best thing I did and probably the most fun thing doing? It was the Whiter World of sports. Some people don't even know that happened actually but I used to called Main Street. I think that'd be the second best or tie for Fort. Maybe and we had like Aubrey Plaza and Allison Becker Jon Glaser Ben Schwartz. All these people have done like really good. Hollywood things John glazes done some pretty cool stuff uh John's lasers loves gear show for Aficionados and we got to like a situation comedy basically we had writers made these four minute little silly funny things about my life at ESPN and that show for whatever reason they decided they weren't GonNa carry on with it so I went into John Skipper who was the boss time and said Hey. I got a replacement idea because here you're killing our current idea. I said what if we did sort of a remake of the old wide world of sports and we'll just call wider world sort of sports like we modified it somehow we add an are and we got to travel around the world for two years. I went to Switzerland Nicaraguan Brazil New Zealand Ireland South Africa and we just found these crazy sports nobody ever heard of or sometimes they had heard of but didn't know what take it was. That was my original pitches. The show would be called. What is blank. You know what is cricket. What is Love Kashi. What is what is but they like the the other version better so that was insane that we had the greatest time. It's just a small little group up four of US camera audio the Audio Guy also shot camera my producer me and we did the patio and Italy either crazy horse racing around the town square and we took a helicopter at the top of announcing in South Africa Irish road bowling another one of my favorites so just for the totality of the experience. I'd say that was talks but I still love doing live stuff because there's there's no replacing immediately in the danger of being a lot. How close were you to being the host of deal or no deal. I've seen that imprint and if it happened I don't remember it okay. There's maybe I got a phone call. Maybe I didn't I had phone call top gear that was one and that would have been fun who knows top might have been a great franchise for me but the offer was too risky to give what I had going to. Hey I'm GONNA quit. ESPN and in his car show on whatever channel that was. It didn't seem like it was the right move. I was runner up to the spin off of who who wants to be a millionaire Merapi now. Oh Wow I would have been you would have replaced Regis Philbin. You're very close. I was told I was they. They picked her instead of me. Allegedly what the producers I mean they might have told me and I started. Maybe I was really ninth-place but I'll take second place. I was in trainwreck until they cut me but I am on the DVD extras that was pretty fun got to work with appetite in New York. They called like on a Monday. Can you be here. Wednesday and I just gone through a divorce. I said I can do it if you'll fly my daughter with me because I have daughters that we and they said yes and so we shot this crazy and funny scenes and just like they really felt good in the room here like everybody liked what we did. They were like do it again and try this and then they gave me the sad phone call of it was really really funny but it just didn't work you got you. Don't strike me as a dancing with the stars guy but I guess if you just shrug your shoulders and say hey well. It's just sports awards you just saying in that instance well as just dancing how bad it could it be and it was bad kenny. Yeah I do the money That's pretty much it well. I got called by their way through for whatever about this out at a restaurant. I remember when it happened and I was like what is it. I I thought it was a joke like why the hell would they pick me up barely known you know so that audience might GonNa Dance with US star dog advance with Jessica Lang or something what's going on here and they said no no. I think it was that the producer at the time knew of me probably do something. ESPN or ABC related and yeah. I'm not typically a reality show ooh person so. I what I did to make that be okay with me. I called it a contest. It wasn't a reality show. It was more of a contest than I was able to live with myself but subsequent to that Jerry Rice and is then appeared on that show like ten more times. We did these little skits that we pretended like we're breaking down you know like the NFL countdown type show but about the dancing stars you know the the last four or whatever we do these goofy little sportscenter is about them but yeah in general Oh. I'm yeah well. It's the Kardashians are on. I try to go to another room and my wife likes watching the crash. The kids like you know nothing nothing against the credential. It's I don't mean it that way. Just I don't like that show but I wasn't that type shows truly was as I say how close were you to to being a professional football player and was the injury a horrific injury and I wanna talk about some of the stuff that you're doing now for veterans as well and some of the charitable work that you WanNa get to but how close were you to being a professional quarterback and how broken were your dreams when your ankles snap. It's a lot of stuff in there packed in could get emotional I was not going to be Montana probably but you can only measure yourself against you. You know your peers right in any situation and through better than the rookies so like I was that good whatever that means were they even. GonNa key you mean it could be. They just needed more arms for training camp the story behind it as the kid who played ahead of me. I was the only second-string UNLV this kid named.

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