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Out Sign up for that right now. We switched to Ferrel Farrell is washed up for whatever reason. His wife has left him for a male model or something. He's getting pitched on this Sitcom. He's Nice for five seconds. That's the weird thing is. He's a nice reasonable guy. And we meet seems fine, and then it's like nurture problem. She's Jason. Schwartzman says like you're being a pussy. And he says that a thousand times right, and you want be the mayor. Pussy town at no. You want to be the mayor of falls. Lee Is it ball's town. Close I came Dana, really close to a pod town and cast bill or whatever. Yes, he's like the first meeting. He has with Stephen Colbert and Jim, Turner. Who are. The the show runners, or whatever he's really Jim Turner of course from our less someone. I now have watched so many hours of absolutely and. He's nice and then Schwartzman. And also he is June temperament. The way that he works as an asshole is like the listen up Philip way which is like this is the guy who's just dismissive to everyone. He does guy ten where you imagined that he could dominate negoti mayor of Volvo fell. Off? And that's a compliment to him. Yeah, he drags him away and he's like. What are you a cook? He gives them this whole. Like you gotta be an Alpha, and then so Farrell makes a bunch of ridiculous demands. Which I guess is funny. He wants a leopard, and that just feels like they're like. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA roll camera will. Say Some, funny. Shit right like that's what that they brought on McKay to try to punch up his stuff. I think McKay was on set for a lot of this movie. Makes no sense fan. Get a green light for right can't be Ron Burgundy for half the movie or Ephron leading man for the other. No absolutely not absolutely not, but that's part of the Frankenstein of this movie is like we're GONNA. We're going to allocate certain scenes in which McKay takes the wheel and helps Pitch Feral, a bunch of riffs, but anyway because of his demands it's established Samantha has to be played by an unknown. Then the movie kind of begins and I could not tell you I could not say the rest of the plot and not go mad. It changes every ten minutes. What what were you about to say? I was going well now that we've. Seen like that now the main conflict of the film is they cannot in Los Angeles they cannot find a pretty thing. Thirty year old actress, who could deliver live, you can't find an unknown actress who can who can say alive what? Does everyone blows the line so here here, a series of quick thoughts. Okay one as both of you said we'll Farrell introduced in this movie very low status vulnerable. He feels bad about his career. He's worried. He's a little bit sympathetic, right? He goes to the meeting with the negotiations. He's like this thing has to be two hander I. Love the original bewitch. I WanNa find someone to play Samantha and kill it. Chores pulls him. Aside is like you have to be an Asshole, and then he's an asshole for the next hour. Right then. Everything he's doing is just a status play. It is just trying to throw his weight around and make everyone value more. There's something. There Jackie Earle Haley, a great man once said to me the thing you realize that's terrifying. When you get a little bit of success in this industry is, everyone starts daring you to become an asshole. There is a system that falls into place where it's almost like. If you don't act like an Asshole, everyone will take advantage of you and so a very thing. We talked about with George. Miller rejected guess, trailer, and Eastwick and right, and so they're like Oh. You must be a total Wuss. Push you around I. Don't know if that belongs in a bewitched movie, but there's a thing there. There's something to work with in a more realistic way of someone feeling the need to still exert power in order to sell the idea that they're not washed up and taking a project in the process, but here's where you get to like this movie making everything a longer walk than it needs to be this movie refusing to follow like razor. It with the way. This character is set up at this moment. It would make so much more sense. It would be so much more believable if they keep on reading big actors for the role and he feels threatened by the idea of having someone who's at the same level of him as yeah, then then he sees this woman in a bookshop who he wants to Faulk, and he goes to the studio and he's like you have to hire her. You know like you would buy this character. Being the kind of guy who is like I'm telling you this unknown actress has it because he is sexually attracted to her. And and kind of like collapses the entire project rather than this weird immediate miscalculation of Oh. We need to hire an unknown actress before I even signed onto the project because I need to make sure that I'm the number one. In every capacity and agreeing to that, it's so much funnier like you said. If that's the unspoken thing in this head, we as the audience are smart enough to understand that he'll be threatened if he's on the scene with a great actress, and they cast out with great actress, and she's getting all the laughs I can understand why. We would put the two together that he's like I. Don't like this. That is the obvious way to go about this movie and when you're watching a montage of Eddie. Eddie Women mangle the easiest line in the world. which a as you said. What the fuck what you mean! No one can play this part. What are you talking? The montage of like in high school musical where every kid in highschool is bad, but it's like this is Los Angeles. You can find a blonde woman who's a good actress and their walked down the street right? If that point they had faced that much failure, they would not let him screen test a woman. He met at a bookshop. They would say I'm sorry. Jack been used to be established. Power is not well defined. Really know. So. Look, what follows is he's jerk for a what? He says her to bookstore. She does the nose thing he goes you. Understand? What reading is? She only takes this job. I think the important thing is what they tried to establish with her that she doesn't want everything to come easy. No, she's like I want everything to come easy, WANNA struggle. I WANNA struggle and he's like being famous. Great. You snap your fingers. Anything happened. She's like I. Don't want that, so she doesn't want to be. Famous doesn't want to be an actress the only reason she does. It is because she has a crush on him. Only reason even though he is the least charming man in the world, she's not interested until he starts saying her husband and wife, which takes them literal level. She's never met because he's twelve years old. That's the whole way she's playing that she's never met human before. He's showing interest in her, and so she's just like well. She's bewitched by it anyway and the screen tasks. She doesn't know how to read the script, but then she starts explaining her actual witch logic and recommended. Right. On, the they caster, it's Sorta like splash a little bit in that way. Yes, yeah, no, they sexy born yesterday. They treat it like splash in. Way So then. It's like huge press conference. They've built a set. It looks like Lollapalooza at some outdoor space where bringing her on stage, and announcing her for the first time. Everyone's reporting on it only to reveal twenty minutes later that this is the pilot..

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