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You know what i mean like he got to talk about the little fellas the need a little love from uncle food trolley and then the game everybody's got their eyes on is usc oregon i'm going to let greg tell us about some of these games that are going on as i've lost track now of the nba tonight any nhl than i because are now watching chick fights on television greg tell them the truth mri now watching too fat chicks fighting on television yeah you are this is our bones have been great i think this fight actually better than the guy fight i just watch mafia knows i love watching fights i love when two people beating the crap out of each other on the television in front of me it's avidly update here's greg concerned are doing a great job tonight in a rookie voyages that would they caught the first voyage ended up high seas with uncle food trolley david was calling at the maiden voyage david and getting involved with the show the night sports flyer scott the cleveland browns were getting involved with the nfl and the forensic they get it started today first on offense tie rod taylor coming over in a trade with the bills jarvis landry from the dolphins on the defensive and you got to have the three the marius randall arrives in a trade from the packers what's what my devon sunday fiveyear deal with the five million and guaranteed money he stays put in tampa richard sherman part of the breaking down of the legion of boom is our free agent after being let go by the seahawks a clash of the.

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