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Speed under the work am I introduce, you. To Jason Jason Jason Jason's, got problem being ghosted but being dumped for no reason at Dating this girl right at things are going pretty much close the, perfect at the beginning and last week she. Suddenly decides Nope she can't be tied, down. Right now I am sorry that you'd like completely cutting you off And things were perfect and all. Of a sudden poof she doesn't wanna see you anymore Yeah Like we were in a? Relationship. Yes what I was gonna ask you a pretty. Huge it was going gonna ask that grow by the way his name is. Page and so we, said, well you heard ventures could ask her to be in. Relationship we, thought, well maybe that's the reason she broke up with. You she wasn't ready for all. That he said that's kind of what she. Said but then he, said I think she's been lying to me about. It I realized that you're gonna sound. Great. Seriously thank you felt for my dad instead of a couple of weeks after we started dating my took it out on this boat super hung over that. Day? Right so that he had to take a little. Nap I need to lay down at, headache so I went down the bedroom hooking ask, anyways I started feeling. Better I came back up to the deck and my dad like Draken, laughing and she's got this huge smile on her face like gawking out of and I was, like, oh you guys like sorry to interrupt your, arty you know? What, oh wait a. Second. Okay so I'm guessing your dad is single, then? Right, yeah but that was one, day? Correct They met, every? Friday. Night for drinks or anything no Well I. Did find. Out that they had been texting each other they, had they had exchanged numbers and actually. Saw his name, come, up on, her phone like accidentally, I was, like hey you got I, got a text the dentist and I was like. Joking You got, attached, to my, father and she was, like actually, it is from your, father That's weird yeah so? We sent you want us to call your father. Do, you want us to call her I just want to. Find out what's going on yeah I don't care. Who you call call, one of them so we, kind of decided they took a vote we took a vote not. Gonna call the father but. We are going to and seventy texted? Call page the girlfriend, so, that's what we're gonna do We. Know.

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