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Who preach during Prince, Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding will be in western Massachusetts today. The Reverend Cari is expected to make a few appearances starting at the first United Methodist Church in pittsfield early this afternoon. Authorities are investigating a diving accident off the hunt. The body of a missing scuba diver was found yesterday morning by divers from the Beverly fire department officials say the Thirty-seven-year-old man had come up from Philadelphia with a friend dive with a fishing charter hunt. Fire chief Michael Feinberg says they conducted the search quickly in hazardous weather. Approximately an hour and a half the diver's body was recovered, the coastguard the hunt police swamp, Scott fire and state police all took part in the coordinated search early voting in Massachusetts begins tomorrow morning voters in the towns of act in Ashburn ham in Hudson. We'll be able to cast their ballots at townhall at seven AM early voting runs from October twenty second to November second and you can find your early voting location on the secretary of state's website. For details. Actress Selma Blair star of box office hits legally blonde and cruel intentions has disclosed. She has multiple sclerosis Blair who was diagnosed in August shared the news on Instagram yesterday. She wrote I have a job a wonderful job. I am disabled. I fall sometimes I drop things. My memory is foggy and my left side is asking for directions from a broken GPS. But we are doing it. Blair is currently working in a new Sifi. Netflix series called another life. A young man from tyngsborough born with a rare heart defect. That's required. Three open heart surgeries over the last. Twenty years is launching a fundraiser to say thank you to Boston children's hospital. WBZ's Bill Marcus says that Justin gig Liatti wants to raise five thousand dollars for Boston children's hospital, and he wants to do at one dollar at a time. Just wanted to say thank you over. The course of his twenty two years Liatti's had fifteen surgeries three of them. Open heart part of the problem was genetic the effects of lead to an inflammation of his heart valves and lining of the heart chambers, gig Liatti's, mom, Lori Mack says the condition has also slowed Justin's mental development. So that cognitively he's like a twelve year old everybody could donate a dollar. Friends to donate, a dollar and so forth. He's hoping that at least five thousand people will donate a buck. If you want to help Justin reaches goal, go online to fundraise dot children's hospital dot org. Backslash Goto backslash. Jamison strong Bill Marcus WBZ, NewsRadio ten thirty. Thank you. Bill. WBZ? News time is nine twenty two. We have forty five degrees and cloudy skies in Boston. The temperatures will hang in the mid forties. Most of the afternoon, traffic and weather together coming.

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