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Should. Not use diamond with visible flaws as a gem and quote, so Jehan hired or tense. Yo boy GIO of Incheon lapidary or gemstone cutter to refine it borough began cutting the stone grinding away all the problematic flaws, but go figure the more he ground, the smaller and lighter the stone. God after Borgias work. The stone was a mere two hundred eighty three carats less than half the size of the original. This would weigh about two ounces as much as a stack of twelve Nichols. Not a billiards ball, but still quite the hefty jewel on. Fortunately, the new size and weight became a bit of a problem. The size of the stone was one of its primary. Appeals emperor Shah Jehan was furious so much so he wanted to execute boy GIO for his poor workmanship. But Jehan stopped short of that. Instead, he find bores yo ten thousand rupees. Basically all the money the diamond cutter had to his name Bormio, pay Jehan and laughed a very poor and shamefaced, man. It seemed that bore geo may have been the first man to fall prey to the curse of the great mogul several years later in sixteen fifty seven Jehan became very ill in his old age this launched a competition for the throne between his four sons. The youngest are ings Zab killed one of his brothers and eventually claim the empire. He sent his father away to the Red Fort as sandstone fortress located on the yarmulke river. It was basically a prison for Schaja Han where he spent the last years of his life until his death in sixteen sixty six whatever happened to respecting your elders little own your own father. And I have to ask could the so-called curse of the diamond have led to John's plight possibly, but we can also blame or ings ABS greed. He wanted the kingdom and all its treasures to himself in colluding. The great mogul diamond are exempt kept all that he wrongfully inherited in a special chamber in the palace. He was very proud of it his collection caught the eye of famous jewel merchant from France named John Baptiste Tavernier Tavernier was a world traveler and Jim aficionado who made six voyages to the east between sixteen thirty two and sixteen sixty eight. He wrote extensively about as experiences eventually publishing the two volume book, the six voyages of John Baptiste Taverny it became a best seller and was translated into four languages in his lifetime. This man was so obsessed with diamonds that he traveled at his own expense in search of them and reveled in the opportunity to study them since only royalty in the extremely affluent could get hold of such prizes tavern gay met with a lot of important global leaders. He was known internationally for his expertise in gemstones. One such leader, which Shah Jehan son king orange ebb who led Tavernier get acquainted with the great mogul diamond. Officers escort a tiger nee into a small chamber where the king was sitting on his throne Tavernier's, then met the chief keeper of the jewels. I cal- Khan who commanded for Unix to fetch the stones. They brought the gyms out on gilded wooden trays covered with red velvet cloths to protect them such presentation. And understandably so Taverny was off by all this and documented the experience writing, quote, the first piece which Cal con put in my hands was the great diamond, which is around rose cut very high on one side on the lower edge. There is a slight crack and a little flaw in it. It's water is beautiful unquote water refers to diamonds degree of brilliance. So according to her knee, a the great mogul was extremely bright and sparkly to put it in simpler, terms, it made quite the impression on him. And he forever. Immortalized it by drawing a sketch of it in his book after this Taverny continued on his journey of Jules leaving the great mogul behind better to have loved and loss than never to have loved at all they say the diamond remained with the mogul empire passing hands to an emperor. By the name of Mohammad Shah in seventeen nineteen a little over fifty years after orange ebb ruled the region, but it would not stay with this new leader for long, perhaps we have the curse to blame for that. Because emperor. Muhammad Shah was in for a world of trouble could the great mogul diamond had been responsible for the fall of Mohammad Shah's empire. We'll find out after the break..

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