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These statements have not been evaluated by the food Drug administration. This just it just I'm not sure we have honest conversations about I mean, we'd see like the back in the day to talk more about how to manage money. Yeah. Yeah. Look coming from the family that never had the conversation and growing up with groups of guys whose family never had the conversation. The greatest privilege is not the color your skin, and it's not your gender, and it's not your sexual proclivities or any that. It's coming from a group that has a discussion coming from family. I should say where you have discussions about money and about work like when people I talked to people like my dad worked hard. And my dad told me you work hard, and you'll never do without Bubba Bubba. Bubba work in conversations about money. I choose hadn't never had a conversation with money with anyone in my family. And I never I had no idea what to do with it. How to do with it? You feel like you are. Living in a in a in a foreign culture as a sort of gypsy just sort of wandering around. Like, you got the part where hey, I put in a day working on your ranch, and you give me eighty dollars. Now, I can eat like you got that part like a real basic real stuff that few hundred years old version of money for interest compound interest lows Jackie accounts checking accounts,.

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