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As time for Tyrian rewatch rate on the. Loom was the French twelve of whom? What is through boom as we predicted. It wouldn't last long this segment. I know that's revive it wherever Elsie goes. Yeah. On Jay Wolfe. Uzi producer always late with Katie Nolan's suggested that we may be reviving and for his job as David Beckham's manager at inter Miami. You could see that couldn't you. Yeah. Monaco, sack manager teary Anri after twenty games in charge. The league on strugglers stroker's that doesn't caught a their second from bottom. On thursday. He had they know see had been suspended, but BBC sport understands that his merely procedural and that France World Cup winners already left the club. The I watched highlights of the five one battering at home by Strasbourg. Now, they lost that a player sent off early Andrew, but they were. Let me set the scene. First of all there are no fans in Monaco that stadium is routinely empty. It is cavernous the weirdly funereal and they come out onto the field. And you wonder what fiber gas was thinking and the center midfield partnership fabric gas on T Lamont was like soft cheese. Ripped apart routinely. Some of the goals. That's Rosberg scored were very good. But at the same time, it was also easy. And why did they not just sack him? Then knowing always club legend there, but just Sam Monaco, really did this gracefully. The he's suspension before the firing. Put him into purgatory as you suggested morning. Oh, it's just this whole thing. Just went so south on them. I I can't believe Monaco are gonna get relegated from where they were even a year to two years ago. Really? That's why they're firing him. Not try and solve something. I looked at the team is is okay. It's it shouldn't be this shouldn't be this about because if you look at it teams on mutt. Smaller budgets. I know they've lost a lot of players over the last few years. But Leila second lead do not have the budget, Monaco, do unbelievable. So there you go. So that's it the end of teary on rewatch. It was fun. It was certainly want play it one more time. You know, what we should really have some sort of like, Sarah McLachlan? All right on the. Oh. Was the French of? Said. Boy caught off sides man of the match. Let's see JJ Toronto was my red card at Lanta United f c or my man of the match really my team the match. I know why. Well, what a signing that they just made the highest transfer fee in history fourteen million dollars. They've locked in Gonzalo pity Martinez from River Plate Atlanta have by the way, three of the top five most expensive transfers and analysis. -tory Arlanda once with Martinez now Zeki Barco and Miguel Marrone Martinez. Twenty five year old attacking midfielder helped lead river to a Koper Libertadores title over their rival Boca Juniors and was named as the two thousand eighteen South American player of the year. This from Atlanta technical director Carlos buck Negra he says recently named as the best player in South America in twenty eight teen Consol as an attacking player who can play wide or centrally his abilities complement our style of play. And we expect. him to make a smooth transition to MLS. Yeah. I would expect that to they've re-signed Joseph Martinez. They still have Miguel Marrone. They have a really high end young talent with Franko Escobar's Barco, Julian gristle Darlington. Nagy JJ Atlanta is like setup and primes to just like dominate stockpiling. Yeah. But even beyond Atlanta when looking at the signing, this is really good for an less twenty five year old South American player of the year. When guys like that of that age of that caliber are making a move. It's not typically to the United States. It's typically to Europe, I think Martinez staying yes. Crucial in that. Now. I are you that the best move for twenty five was to stay staying MLS, brick gold record become legend, and you're planning to seventy thousand people anyway, you are not going to rail Madrid Barcelona..

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