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Tuckey is 10 and one when they're plus two or better. Done a nice job tonight. Defensively, but what Harris is just an animal there. I really think this kid's gonna have a great shot at the next level. He's here. He runs to the great lead. He's got a first to it. Stop more Kentucky. You have to see him next year. He reminds me of a more powerful market eggs and its explosive to the hole. And then the freshman behind him a Mrs to 15 true freshman and we've seen they got some big backs at 15 of Kentucky First intent or South Carolina. You kept the men of the end zone so far tonight. The Harris running up the middle, bounces it out to the left, and he's gonna go in that was supposed to go up the middle. Anything there. He just bounced it outside and beat everybody giving to the edge here and goes in for the South Carolina touchdown on a 15 yard run. You've got to set the edge. Kentucky does it on that plate, He's able to bounce it to the outside. That's Z 20 carries for 163 yards tonight for Harris. He's working on that. Told this game where he had to What was it to 45 with 25 carries? Yeah. Carolina, trying to tackle the point after Harper White, waiting for the snap. There it is. Holders down kicks good. 21 to play on. It is Kentucky 34, South Carolina. 10 has each team as now come out and scored on its opening drive. The second half. It's both of them. Long drives. Yes, they started inside the 15 yard line. Yeah, after the must kick. They were their own 14 yard line. So 86 yard drive big runs by Harris. He had a 33 yarder. Final 15 there on the touchdown run. Seven plays 86 yards, They took just 203 of the bloody score. Their touch. Kentucky had used almost ate that whole you almost eight minutes previous Friday. Just tell back deep gets to return. One is Parker White prepares to kick it off right to left. Or South Carolina but accomplished Kentucky senior class is being honored here tonight. First New Year's Day Bowl win since 51 1st Bowl wins for the programs and so eight first time rank of the final AP poll since 84 1st 10 win and winning SEC Records and 77 Ended long streaks against Florida. Tennessee is three and one in the rivalry with Luke or the victors. Here's the kick comes to Tisdale at the four the right hash mark. The head of the 20 appendages. He comes to the 25 yard, like explode up field will faster Does Jeff especially with his speed? I mean, he was just kind of looking for a hole. But you have to learn. He's almost sub for four. Maybe can absolutely fly. You're an hour watching one of the preseason scrimmage is here, and he was like a handoff just exploded about an 80 yard touchdown can go. So Kentucky ends up on its own 25 just where it would have been after a veteran there been one very Wilson still at the controls. His final appearance of Kroger Field, Terry Touchdown takes the stamp makes a thing to rose. He's gonna keep it coming near side and he gets up close to the 30. They're gonna spot him down 29 yard line. Picked up four Web on the tangle or South Carolina will be second in six for Kentucky. McClane can really scoot two youngsters that could really run Wilson 13 of 2473 Yards, passing six for 600 scoring drive to begin the second half. That rose the setback to his left. Rig was one of two tight ends on the right Now he goes in motion left three receivers that way pitch the road, sweeping left trying to get to the edge, and he cannot, as he is thrown out of bounds over in the far sideline of the 31 yard line by Robinson the safety rig, the tight end couldn't quite seal the engine out there to get rose around the corner. That was a nice play bythe defender there just to be able to Maintain that keep on his speed Robinson to do that only one third down and four for Kentucky from its own 31 yard line. Wilson out of the shotgun has two receivers split wide Each way. Carolina Blessing four will set all kinds of time grows into the middle. It's complete toe. Epps. E. Don't know if he's gonna get enough. He got days at the line the game. Maybe just short. Make sure you run that pattern far enough to get the first down. It's just a mistake by the receiver. You know what you've got to get. You've got to get across the line. It's about a foot short of the first down at the 34 3 quarters. Kentucky is gonna go for it. Very Wilson will go under center drink. Jackson, South Carolina digs in Excellent plows the way on Wilson lights up to the 26 to 36 yard line and gets the first down 3. 30 is the clock ticks down here in the third quarter. Kentucky keeps the drive going. With 1/4 down conversion their second one of the night time. That was big. I mean, you give it up right there. The team just scored. You're giving the ball to 35 yard line and chance to cut it to two score game. Trips to the left. Rick was on the left side of the formation and he comes over sets up on the right. Rose shift to the right of Wilson takes the snap drops the throat over the middle. It's incomplete, skipped off the hand of Ali and a shallow crossing around well covered, so I don't think there was much there, but it'll be second down and 10. Stood completion of the second half or Wilson here to catch the games on the one yard second down 10, Kentucky from its own 36 trips to the left, Bates the tight end on the right side this time, Wilson Stood beside him, and he looks to the side lines for the play. Call eight seconds of the play clock always walks over to the left side of Wilson. They take it to him. Wilson, setting deep now in trouble flushed out of the pocket looking downfield. Just throw it away. Nobody open South Carolina Everybody will cover break down. The near sign line had abs going deep on a post in the middle of the field, but Going to cover everything well and got a little pressure on. Wilson also forced him to have to move. So it's 3rd and 10 now, sometimes on those plays, especially when it's single coverage, Man demand on the outside, you run the post. Just throw the ball out there and let your guy see if he can make a play on the ball. Trust him. If not, it's like a punch. Right? Trust your receiver. Four receivers go wide to the left of the widest this freshman running back to you, Tom McClain. Holly. Coming in motion to the right.

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