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This is Southern California's on ly 24 hour local news and traffic station K and extend 70 News radio depend on us. I'm Brian Ping stories coming up. Could this be another crowed A virus? Deja vu. The number of covert cases is on the rise yet again in like cattle. I'm Bloomberg's Mona Rivera, another sanitizing spray that kills the Corona virus gets the government's okay. That story is coming up in five minutes. Prop 15. The debate is on. I'm Charles Feldman with that these stories coming up in the next 15 minutes. Right now, after our roadways at 9 45 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives sponsored by network Capital funding, Here's Tani compose. There are a lot of freeway closures and these are due to the fires that are burning. The Silverado fire closures included the 2 41 between Oso Parkway in the 91 Freeway. The 1 33 between the five of the 2 41 is also closed along with the five North connectors the 1 33 north. The 2 61 north that is closed in Portola Parkway. Portela Parkway is closed at the 2 41 in Santiago Canyon Road is closed at Silverado Canyon. Some closures for the Blue Ridge fire that is also burning gypsum Canyon off ramp from the eastbound and westbound 91 is closed loop all the closed eastbound. From your Belinda Boulevard Westbound is open for evacuees. Carbon Canyon eastbound Santa Fe Road is closed. Westbound. There is open if you need to evacuate and thank you, by the way for all the tip calls coming in about these fires on the Canucks traffic tip line, 323467 10 70 another spot where we're seeing some issues There were earlier today. Quite a few big rigs overturned in the high winds mostly of the 2 10 and let the majority on the 2 10 east from about Date Creek. You just passed the 15. Some of those are still resting or they overturned and that is due to they can't do much about it to get him total way until those winds calm.

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