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Nothing of which you want. And we can also determine what this test, your percent body, hydration really important. Everybody struggles with hydrogen. Everybody's seventy five percent of all Americans are dehydrated, and you want to know why because we have a low nutrient level, diet in our country, too much processed foods too much restaurant food, they strip nutritional value out, ABC chemicals in and we don't realize the soil isn't as good that we're, we've depleted minerals and our from our crops. We just were not as healthy as. We used to be the earth has changed. The Air's change the waters change were toxic. Now, all of these things are affecting you. And so we have to really take a look at you from personal level. If you're struggling with energy, and you have a dictionary to sugar and carbs, and you don't sleep well, and you can't think straight, and you heard all over the place and you're feeling less productive in life and you're not as active because you don't feel good. You don't feel that energy. This is a program for you allow us to help you in all these things that we hear over and over and over again. So I just want to recap on the client that went through the health for life, weight loss and cellular healing program. We interviewed him last segments names, Briggs, and he said, I was so amazed because I was never hungry, and I had no cravings during the entire process now I want you to think about that. How many weight loss and diet programs? If you've been on where you had craving, he didn't feel good you. You were hungry a lot of them. He. He said, I had no problem getting off sugar. He said, I migrated into a desire to eat healthier. He says I eat better now. All my joint pain eighty percent of my joint pain went away. He's a golfer, so, you know, he says now after twelve rounds I can actually keep walking in. I'm not tired. And he says, after I am done golfing. I can actually go more and go farther. So you know after twelve rounds he was tired. He was exhausted on the golf course because, you know, he was two hundred sixty three pounds. And this is what I'm going to tell you, if you're a man, let's say, you're six two six three and your to sixty to seventy to eighty or you're a woman, and you're fifty sixty seventy pounds overweight go into.

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