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Mattress brand spot exclusively that can Michael's furniture and Brookfield Greenfield and downtown Milwaukee. Traffic and weather together on the tens. How's the Wednesday? Right? Debbie Logica so far looking pretty good, Gene, We've got eastbound 94 still at 17 minutes to get from Highway 16 all the way into downtown westbound side looking smooth as well. 41 South found no problems there 15 minutes. I wake you to the zoo. Some found 40 three's got a clear ride as well between brown the road and downtown. With traffic and weather together on the town's I'm Debbie Logica WTMJ Pellet up, You'll compensate Tragedy TMJ five day forecast this morning Not as cold as the last couple mornings. Mostly cloudy skies today Ah High 34 was some flurries likely on and off through the day, especially near Lake Michigan. For tonight. A chance of Lake effect. Snow showers maybe a dusting of snow. Low of 28 for Thursday. Mostly cloudy chance of lake flurries. A high of 35 for Friday Partly cloudy, nice and mild high of 41 Saturday Snow and a winter he mixed likely a high of 38 for Sunday. Partly cloudy and a high of 38 I'm meteorologist Brian is Danske with the storm team forecast on WTMJ randomly. 29 Brown. Dear 31. It's 30 degrees in Milwaukee's WTMJ. I absolutely implore you to go to the athletic dot com If your bucks pain right now and read our next guest story about how Yonas decided to sign his Super Max contract extension, he is Buck's reporter, Eric Name of the athletic Eric. What were you able to learn about? How Yonas came to this conclusion. I think my biggest takeaway from reading your piece was that this was far from a foregone conclusion..

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