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Hosa shows them surly disappointed. What's your prediction? Good Call. Go ahead take one more who we got all right. See you go ahead. I wanted to offer perky spot on the The hottest show on YouTube oldman manifestation on Friday night taping young. And so it's taping eight o'clock on Friday beat up. We'll fix are scheduled to make whatever he is yourself but hoping to get if you if you're on you'll show. Us exactly what you're trying to explain to us we need to. Do you know I'll be doing that because of my own youtube show now several youtube shows. I've got the minihan brother. Show 'EM MOVIE YOUTUBE. Show so you guys. I think I've said this to you privately. I think you just need to find the guy or woman who kind of lets you guys be you guys. I by the way I like your show just fine but if you're looking for some because I don't think you're a born natural sort of move traffic host guy. You WanNa tell jokes. It wasn't a talent yes I it's essentially. Yes it's essentially. We don't want a broad on our show so I mean this is unless unless there's a picture of them between. I reached out to John Dennis Martinez but they don't seem to be getting back to me so I'm kind of you know if you're if you're twenty five bucks. I think he would do it. Burn off well. I hope you guys have a good day. I'm glad you back and healthy. Thank you everybody love it. I did find. Steve had really made me laugh. The other day because Tj Hubbard started the show by saying I've got corona virus and he cracked a beer opened. And there's silence for like six seconds and Steve Goes Grid Main W- It looks like we have Alba on the phone lines. She wants to talk about what Mike does with his day. Hellawell insightful informative Elo now the High Kirk about the show puke types we or they're feeding. Yes that's what she always calls up really to the two of you go with yourself. Wow Network all day. What do you do with yourself? Just jerk. That hit key forty-three does it feel so nice. I thought you were going to have. I didn't think I was going to be there. You're GONNA have some. Tell me about. Tell me about life with Mike. How are things going with the with the parents give me some UPDATE ALBA? Oh you're a bad boy. My parents are very bad. Don't WanNa meet him. They think he is a blind fat sock right. So that'd be so honest He's a little small in the downstairs. Area Okay so cliche is..

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