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He was like and I want you to help me do the DNA kit. So I do it the right way and and everything. So long story short I did make it back for some of happily ever after endorsing stacey but I was in the process of trying to put stuff away and get laundry don and get ready for the week Sunday nights I missed some of it but I think for the most part all caught backup goes completely Miss Darcy Stacy by the way well, the really the only thing you Miss Darcy Stacey is that Florian arrives in Stacey picks him up in New York City and she's all excited. She does the whole like dressed to the nines would. Super Sky, high stilettos, and she goes to pick him up and he is tired because he just came off a long flight and it's this kind of like lackluster reunion that they have and really the episode. I feel like centered around the fact that Stacy's Khanna disappointed that they thought she thought it was gonna be this. You know they've been together for five years, but they only see each other what like once or twice a year because of the distance as you would think at this point with especially with her sister Darcy in kind of understanding how protocol works you take a long flights cross country internationally on a plane for several hours you get off you are tired. That's. Works and so you can't really expect a person to be like Oh. Let's run with the music playing and you pick me up and told me around in the airport when you've been dating for five years and you know he just wants to take a nap problem. Yeah. Now we do get a lot more foreshadowing of said, I think the majority of the story line is going to center around these photos that surfaced of fluorine with some other chick, and there's going to be a lot of conversations where Stacy's dad is going to confront him and then Raina and another friend are going to confront him and. In the previews at least appears to not want to talk about this whatever with anyone..

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