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Get you there with more than 500 destination. Across the country. Everything you're missing just an Amtrak away. Southland Weather from chaos by Sunday. Tomorrow highs mid seventies mid eighties. This report brought to you by Amtrak. We have a crash on the 101 in Hollywood. This is on the southbound side coming up on Vermont. That's where the left lane is blocked, and delays are just solid and backing up right now it's loading up away from Sunset Boulevard, so it's a huge mess there. I just checked in with Michael Brian, he said. Hey, Angel, I'm going to have another Corona. I'm sure that means that problem on the 19 1 by and the sky is sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Well in a few hours is going to mean something else. I'll tell you that. All right? 91 East bad You've got a problem here. Just past surface club theft Maple six there. That vehicle fire in the right lane. So it's very, very tough into the Santa Ana Canyon. Really. It's caught the normal stuff that goes way back to weird Canyon up ahead a little pinch approaching the 15. Some of this is going to shift around just a bit. I just got to look at the brave pass 57 northbound. Looks like you're loading up there from Diamond Bar Boulevard up to the 60 merge and the East 60 sewing Now for me. Still, I entertained from before the 7 10 outs about Paramount and then once again from Rowland Heights to the 57th. Introduce an accident. This is Superwoman super Lawyer. Com Mike O'Brien, KF Eye in the sky into the Sepulveda Pass on the four or five north, Um, before Ventura Boulevard to middle lanes are blocked due to a stall stacking up that drive out of Culver City from the 90 K F eye in the sky. Help sketchy there faster. I'm Angel Martinez this Progress.

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