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This is the can Coleman show. Welcome one, welcome. All siriusxm thrilled. A happy with us. Dump fired up after that last call. Don't call me until me. You are afraid of losing interest. Unless you have tried something and then you've lost interest. I've had some of those calls. All right down. Let's go. Let's figure out why. Well, we know why they're just, oh passion, but don't tell me how you got all these great ideas and you haven't done anything. Likes just do something you remember the Nike slogan from. I don't know how long how long ago was, but they came out with the slogan. I'm gonna, say early nineties late eighties, just do it. You know, like stop talking about it stop, you know, I believe in planning. Okay. It stage two stage two of my five stages. All right research. Okay. And planning. But after you have done the research and you've made a plan, don't sit there and try to, you know, just over plan and over think and over analyze and you just sit there and the long you sit the more you do lose interest, just do it. By the way, there was nineteen Eighty-eight. The Nike campaign just do it fantastic message. Maybe that your theme today I'm going to stop thinking about it. I'm gonna stop talking about it. I'm gonna stop planning it. I'm just going to do it eight, four, four, seven, four, seven, two, five, seven, seven..

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