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I'm your host cameron strang and here with me me in orlando studio on the ones and twos are less brother chamber stirred up on the skype line from virginia jesse kerry. Hello just up the road in gator in florida at the big hat coffee. It's yes go gators. Welcome back and he's from nashville tennessee author speaker podcast cowgirl extraordinaire. You're in good morning dance and go dogs. If we're starting this early i'm coming in. I'm saying hey this is the friday show we're recording on friday both eddie and and i are all a twitter with anticipation all the s._e._c. Football season kicks off tomorrow wait. It's going to be a national florida now. Take care and that's been we're on the microphones for florida because the rest of us get bad all the s._e._c. <music> division to you know across alabama and georgia we we know but florida went from four wednesday ten last year with a new coaching regime. This is the first year he's putting his stamp on the program. Police say franks looks really good. I'm just saying this is a year. We go from ten to twelve coach mullen. I met him when we were trick or treating last year and i gave him the look and he gave me the look so i'm just saying there was a lot exchange in that. Look get ready for the good news. Is this your first football season being in gainesville again. Isn't it eddie. No the second we moved up right before the last one for florida boorda and all the other s._e._c. teams. I hear bad things clemson and alabama this year breath that drew. I'm sorry i love you know need to be sorry. We always have the nets yeah. I don't get it wh- what was the joke does he. I don't get it then. We'd be good is because everybody else. That's actually is not as good. This clemson and alabama are still like powerhouses. Then on beatable and george is is also in the s._e._c. football team inside go ahead jess. You go ahead and sleep on georgia right now. We'll see me clinches. Let's just quickly n._f._l. Teams like i'm pretty sure i'm pretty sure both of them could beat the new york jets right now as they wish they'd let us see that. I wish one at one college team would have the courage to play one n._f._l. Team that justice yeah well the i i team u._s._a. <hes> the basketball team just law you the select team of like super french guys that aren't that above college players.

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