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Which is also a problem with UK Metcalf. But he is just he is just a rare athlete and those guys get drafted highly kill, Harry, he is interesting to me because his yards after catch ability just seems to come out of nowhere. You know, he's very strong. He has great balance and greet vision. So I could see offense especially in offense. Like the giants drafting him and then trying to get creative with him in the short intermediate. Yuck. Game eighty Brown. He is just a good all around receiver to me, and we both like JJ Ortega Whiteside. Yeah. I'm happy. Rebirth. Have him in in the top top four technically glad neither one of us are overthinking decay Metcalf. He is a physical freak. I don't really care about his three Cohen, and whether he can bend or not he can win where it matters that is downfield on he can moss moss TV's, he's going to be an explosive downfield receiver, and then you can work off that you can have the comeback. You can have the curls. Those are fine. He doesn't need to be running intricate routes if he's gigantic and running a four three. Obviously he can develop that and that can come. But if it doesn't he still going to be a very useful wide receiver. And there's the players who were like that. Like he had a better three Coen than Steve Smith Carolina, Steve Smith, not New York Giants Steve Smith. But I think we think it was seeing Smith as as a pretty all around decorative wide receiver. No one thought he can't bend in run. Of course, he's is more compacted ground than than decay. Bet Kathy's decay Metcalf is going to be very good. I also I don't really worry about his hands or his drops. I think if he's targeted enough the big plays of going to come. I think the same thing about Hickey Butler. I believe the same thing about Emmanuel hall. That's why I'm so high on him and not a bunch of other people or he does have some drop issues. But I think he wins so easily down the field, and you could also win in the short intermediate areas. I think he brings enough value. He's number one in this class in target yards. Added which of course, is how much overseer adds to an offense compared to win a quarterback throws to anyone else on the offense almost seven and a half yards difference between win Missouri through to Emmanuel hall per target..

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