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Well it is a Friday morning so all is well great to everybody Friday you made it to Friday these weeks keep flying by well this one especially since most of us had Monday off let's dig into some of the latest news concerning the George Floyd deaths in Minneapolis and the follow up violence the first of all the local prosecutor and the U. S. attorney handling this case gave an update late yesterday afternoon the local attorney is Hennepin county attorney Mike Freeman in the U. S. attorney for that district of Minnesota is Eric could make Donald and that's the key thing that a lot of people are focused on right now is why aren't the police already arrested and charged with something people are demanding charges in the case so they had a news conference to give an update on the status of their investigation and they were talking about just making sure that they have all of the evidence they're combing through videos that have been out there talking to the eye witnesses making sure that S. charges are brought against any of the officers are all of the officers that they are the correct charges and charges that will stick you don't want to just throw out a charge out there and it be something that the evidence doesn't support and they end up walking or are getting off and they're not just calls is that much more unrest and and actually people judging the justice system saying there that there is no justice there so they want to take their time to it and go through it thoroughly and they were urging yesterday please be patient with us and they were urging for anyone that may have additional information that they haven't seen to come forward and submit what they had to say first you're going to hear him a pen county attorney Mike Freeman he's the local attorney then you'll hear the U. S. attorney on the federal level Erica macdonald they're back to back it runs about two minutes but.

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