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Forbes has ranked in the world's most one hundred powerful women that's up for two thousand eighteen that is out now. Again, you know, I guess the biggest news here is remarkably absent from this year's ranking take awhile guess, Hillary, Hillary Clinton. Not on the list for the first time since two thousand and four guests who's the world's most powerful woman. Michelle, no. And Angela Merkel. John Vincent and Frank said. Markle and they are right. Theresa May the prime minister of the United Kingdom is number two. The World Bank Christine Lagarde number three, Mary Barra. GM number four. Melinda gates is in the top ten names, the Cheryl Sandberg of Facebook is on here. People need, you would know most of these names. The US supreme court justices are listed Oprah Winfrey. Still there believe it or not in the top one hundred saying that Lynn Albright because she can still press four hundred leagues for the first time. Perfect. She could put you on her legs wire is pop out. Oh, yeah. Navy? It is I don't know is pop out. Honorable mention your goes to Debbie Whitaker. Because she's got the finger on Chuck's barter kingdom. You scared me for a minute. Finger on what? She's got she's got the keys to the butter kingdom. Yeah. Absolutely. It's a fake set of keys. She's got the on and off switch. That's just for me. Mostly it's off. At least you didn't say ACDC, that's a whole nother. Well, that was thirty five forty years ago. It was it was he was undecided. Your friend, Frank. Your money. Make a make a road trip up there and land on his house or something. Oh, come on up Santa. Well, we got worse and worse planning the roast for next year. So don't forget about that. No. I haven't seen a couple. Yeah. Back up on eight nine hundred nineteen minutes after the hour. And let's take a phone call here this morning. Fred is in Baltimore. Fred good morning. Yes, sir. Thank you. Thank me for to the general yesterday. Quite quite quite moving away. You guys put a little boy. And hopefully, we'll be able to do more. But that was kind of impromptu. Today. I'm telling you, you gotta do a great broadcast. Thank you, sir. I just was calling. Much of that. They call you guys. Face. Barbershop? Whiteface? Got you. Delighted. Long and UT people laughing. What's the? The big topic of conversation in the barbershop these days. Well, it depends on what you want. What I mean? Going on and off the planet. Right. Hi. How how is the? I'm just giving away from politics for a second. What is the feeling the pulse of the barber shop on flacco versus Lamar Jackson. Well, I think go I mean. Appreciate what he did. Aging fast moving slow on the sale. You need to get out of the way. It's always been the case, though, he was never a speed merchant. Number was always. Throw the ball around. You keep them off of it seems to me for right after he signed that big contract. And this is true in my estimation of a lot of athletes. I mean, look at the Chris Davis of the Orioles, they sign these big contracts. It seems I don't know if it's just a coincidence or what? But it seems like their production starts declining. Because know, the thing that made the mistake was. Tried to put the Super Bowl flacco shoulder. The soccer was not that type of guy. I mean, he's just not the type of guys not the type of leader. Great quarterback. A team guy. He's not what do you call it that? Team guy. He's not a motivational leader. Right. You could walk around like, you know. He just. Well, you wouldn't put him in the same category. As a Tom Brady or an Aaron Rodgers or a drew Brees. You just wouldn't. Style back, right. Back was. Yeah. Again, montana. Johny united's. Yeah. So I would always upset with what they were trying to make some play before flacco got injured. They were trying to make some plays for Lamar Jackson. So he comes in. Now, you have two quarterbacks, and so they place flacco out there on the end in effect to be a big receiver core receiver what he doesn't even make any effort could look like a receiver because everybody in the stadium and on the field knew that guy was not getting mobile. Hello. You know, put that on the paperwork. Director. That you call clueless. One of our listeners, Al. Called her mirror. No clue Pugh when it comes to crime fighting crime. Oh, man. I tell you that she got a cute name and abolish after they. Call a cop. Malik..

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