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To buy medicine the Humane Society of United States and the ad council CBS news time seven forty eight first for trafficking wonderfully returns us to Walnut Creek this is a big mess but it's getting a little better at the scene of an accident which had been blocking all lanes of traffic Susan this report brought to by the delamar firm this is south six eighty approaching treat Boulevard traffic is starting to get through but because all lanes have been shut down traffic is backed up in the case of two forty two all the way back from highway four actually boast six eighty and two forty two slow at highway four but as I said lanes are still in the re opening process so it looks like it's still very heavy down to the scene of this accident your treat meantime we're looking at interstate eighty making your way into Berkeley and ultimately to the bay bridge what do you think Rick well I hope that the everyone's brake lights are working fine because you're gonna need em on westbound eighty starting just past highway four you're looking at pretty much stop and go traffic all the way down to the maze that's going to cost you about thirty five minutes and the chill not about a collision camp sees not an accident but the signal lights are still out Santa mas expressway at Stevens creek in Santa Clara and because of that the northbound side is definitely backed up Dolan law firm representing people injured by the fall of others and by unlawful workplace discrimination and harassment with offices throughout the bay area and delayed Dolan law helps fight injustice Dolan law firm dot com your next update seven fifty eight on the traffic leader to see the S. three four of sixty forecast will in the dry spell by tomorrow it's going to be cool and cloudy today cooler and cloudier and rainy for awhile at least tomorrow and a lot of rain but some mostly cloudy Sunday and then scattered showers could be back in the picture.

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