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Run no one and i mean no one we'll have predicted this type of run for the yankees one spring training started i i don't even think the yankee brass was all in on winning this year until they started 25 in 25 and 5 run at the beginning of the year and they said okay let's go oh let's go for it and then we're fort shows a nice run didn't expect to get here as a phantom mappi ammb even happier because the evil empires back because i look at this team at yankee team and they're set up for years they are set up for years you think about this yes the haters 1995 with the core four just getting started and the yankees lose to the seattle mariners in the playoffs and then what happened '96 happened in '98 happened in ninety nine happened in two thousand happened yes four in five years now it's hard to win i'm not saying they're going to win for the five but this team is now in a position were there set up to win for years with youngsters on this team sean miller said about a law not at all congratulations the ashes they deserve it they had a game plan their pitchers had a game plan to shut the dnc picture the yankee down and they just have the game plan they executed the game plan that's what they did a column it you came in at what he did he i think he threw a hundred and 75 curve balls tonight i believe vows less cal although mccue just through another curve ball why not.

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