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On Monday updated the tally. It was already eclipsed the total for any full years is ninety four with nine hundred sixty three cases where reported the CDC said this year's count includes forty four people who got the disease while traveling and other in in another country, some of the triggered US outbreak. Mostly among unvaccinated people shocking. That includes the largest outbreaks breaks in orthodox Jewish communities in and around New York City three quarters of those who called the extremely contagious disease or children or teenagers sixty six patients hospitalized, no deaths reported. Yeah. So it again, I think the one the key here is the among the mostly among unvaccinated people because if you get the vaccine you need don't get the measles typically. One hundred percent. So it's pretty effective from the USA today yesterday. Maureen McCormick who played the the eldest fair-haired daughter on the Brady bunch Sam Brady bunch relevancy adults. I know what it is discovered. That a Facebook group has drew had mentioned an anti vaccination group has been using her image from the nineteen sixty-nine episode. Is there a doctor in the house in the Brady kids? Catch the measles. Yes. The group was using the reference in the episode which Marsha says if you have to get sick. You can't beat the measles. So they don't believe the scientists. Right. They don't trust the doctors. They don't trust like the CDC. All of those things are suspect not to be trusted. They have you know, horrible Jenas. But a random episode of the Brady carries weight show where one of the plotlines over multiple episodes was the entire family falling under the curse of the a Tiki dole. Yes. I remember. Was the best. Those shows were fantastic. Didn't want them got on a wave right because. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Ticket all around his neck, and he was cursed. Yeah. They they couldn't have Bobby. Anyway, the episode was used as evidence that measles are really no big deal against the backdrop that measles are now at their highest rates in the twenty first century all six children eventually came down with the measles in which TV mom, Carol Brady played by foreign Anderson describes as a slight to temperature and a lot of dots. And a great big smile. She learned about this was really upset. I was concerned with them using it. And I wanted to get to the bottom of it. Because I was never contacted. I think it's I think it's really wrong when people use people's images today to promote whatever they want to promote. She by the way believes that you should have your children vaccinated. Yeah. She's not very thrilled that she's become a an anti vaccine come on. I didn't realize the show was fifty years old eighty what eighty. What did I say? Why? Because there was a line drawn it misread it. Fifty eight years old. I was really gonna throw me. However, you think about it though. Because this is what I would originally when I saw the story. I was thinking that way the relevancy of the Brady bunch. But then I go. Oh, okay. Fifty years old this probably about ten years little like ten years too late. But in terms of parents that have children when I was gonna say yes for the parents that are making these decisions on behalf of their children. Now Brady bunch was what they watched after school every day when they got home. What what am I most traumatic experiences scared? The daylights out of me was watching the Brady bunch because I had a TV explode in the middle of an episode. We had this old TV, and it was one of the TV's back in the day that came in the they came prefabricated in the cabinets. You remember that they had the picture tube? TV the cabinets the full nine yards. Everybody's saying TV's on the floor. That's what it was. So weird to think about now with the big screen TV's that are all mounted up. It's like there was a time when everybody's TV was just sitting on the ground fairly berry. This was right around the time of poltergeist as well, which was playing into it. Right. Because you get sucked into the TV. It's terrifying. And I was in the middle of watching the Brady bunch by myself in the TV. And then smoke pouring out. And then it like minorly exploded. Why? TV just went out overheated. Yeah. I'm sure my recollection is the child is probably completely warping what actually happened fluid exploded in front of me. My home starts picture to flying past by Bonny slope scared. You are able to laugh about it. Now. Pulled through surveys. It'd be scared watching movies, thanks for sticking with us today. We'll be back tomorrow another show six to nine Jesse Kelly on at eight thirty five tomorrow and be a lot of fun have a wonderful day. Supposed to. Mechanical plumbing, heating and electrical traffic.

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