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The players in the cadets in mid shipment involved but i i got to be honest i don't really have a good army navy story i can tell you that in my thirty plus years on earth i've watch this game a lot but i don't really have one game or one moment that stands out i've never been to a game i don't have any friends or colleagues who wet too west point i don't have any friends who went to annapolis the best i can do is tell you that a couple of years ago i went to the military bowl i was in baltimore for a steelers ravens game coincidentally the next day that monday the military bowl was played in annapolis in so i went to the football game on sunday stayed in annapolis and then went to the military bowl the next day so i got the navy experience but naval academy experience navy played in the military bowl was actually keenan reynolds last game as navy quarterback so that was cool one of the best players in naval academy history i got to see his sendoff i got to see all the pomp and circumstance i got to walk around the stadium navy marine corps stadium and nail that experience will stay with me for a long time but i'll probably not the right person to ask about you know navy army and the kind of emotions and feelings it drums up or the type of i'll put it this way i know some one who's father served it was in the navy world war two that and so this guy loves navy football for that reason and he's throwing a party today for the gaming actually invited me over it and so for him army navy really is the biggest game of the year college football fan will watch pretty much every saturday really in anticipation for this game in i i've never done that i i guess i've never been a part of the college football rivalry that was so fierce that i counted down the days the entire year for the game you'll house state michigan or the iron bowl or you sec la or one of those games so one thing i'm gonna do here eight or philip only cbs sports radio.

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