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There were so many wonderful. I was surrounded by really wonderful people and beings to accomplish this book. And i'm just so grateful. It's it's an honor for us to publish it as well and you know doing adama book israeli gives you an insight into the interconnectedness of how everyone has to come together to produce this in like you're saying beings seen and unseen yes. Totally totally was a humbling moment. So what's for rima. What's your next project. So well i have a an exhibition coming up in full but at the same time We are trying to Organize this exhibition tour of this book. I kept those fourteen drawings from the book hoping to create an exhbition hopefully tour to in order to spread his message and this woman who was the former president of the foundation. She wants to help me as volunteer to organize tour. So we're working on that and It's going well so far in once we have the venues a will start the poor and hopefully it will go into several cities or maybe more in the world while so i to in person which is nice in us cities and maybe beyond is the plan. Fantastic that's the plan. We've been busy with that. I wasn't stated yeah. I was very excited. When i heard that this might be happening. And so if people are listening they're gonna wanna know. Well how can i find out if when this is happening and where and i can say As soon as we know will put it in the show. Notes on the website for this episode. is there any other way up-to-date of course i will i will announce on my website remortgaged dot com and my instagram facebook. All old the news and also yes. I think that's the that's the best way. So that's the keep in contact with all your work. Is your website. Facebook instagram fate. And so as anything else you wanna share with us before we wrap up now. This is wonderful. I think we covered wonderful things today. And thank you so much for having me daniel. I know how busy you all. I wanna thank you for sharing this precious precious journey and story. Uso been generous. So thank you so much. Thank you so much it was going to thank you for.

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