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Just a few months ago. The cdc said vaccinated. People didn't have to wear masks in most settings but this week the agency reversed course saying vaccinated. People should wear masks at times. What do the recommendations actually say tania and why the sudden shift in position so in its latest guidance the c. d. c. says vaccinated people should once again wear masks in public indoor settings under certain circumstances for example if you live in an area with high levels of kobe transmission which includes people who live in places with more than fifty cases per one hundred thousand people in the last week the agency also recommended universal. Masking all k. Through twelve schools including all students teachers and staff. The cdc says the reason for the shift is new data about the delta variant and breakthrough infections. Delta's known to be much more transmissible than previous strains and appears to produce about a thousand times as much virus in the body as the original strain there have been reports of breakthrough infections among fully vaccinated people and in rare cases they may be able to transmit it to others so the reason behind vaccinated people wearing masks is to prevent them from transmitting the virus people who cannot get vaccinated such as children under twelve. Or those who are immuno-compromised breakthrough infections are expected as no vaccine is one hundred percent effective and they may be more common than we thought with the delta variant according to data from the uk in israel the vaccines are still extremely good at preventing severe disease and death. The vast majority of those hospitalized with kobe right now are unvaccinated. If you're vaccinated and you get co bid it doesn't mean the vaccine didn't work as former surgeon general jerome atoms. Put it in a tweet. Think of the virus like the ocean the vaccine like a life vest. You may still get wet but your life vest vaccine significantly lessens. The chance you'll drown and getting wet doesn't mean the life vest didn't work

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