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You're listening to the inquiry with me Kavita Puri, it's a hidden emergency. Most of the world doesn't know what is going on in Yemen. Four years of war. And now millions face starvation. People wasting away especially children is something horrific beyond anything. I've seen before this week. We're asking why don't we care about the war in Yemen? Access to Yemen is a nights met there's been a lot of political divides people unfriendly, each other slander, each other get into fights on Facebook or Twitter also seeing western arm sales continuing to fuel the conflict. Why aren't we talking about this? That's coming up after the news. BBC news. Hello, Jerry Smith, the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus says it will stop making the world's biggest passenger plane. The a three eighty announcing would called a painful decision. The firm said the last deliveries would be made in two years. Time orders for the double decker superjumbo which can carry more than eight hundred and fifty passengers have dried up as airlines turn to smaller more fuel efficient planes. The BBC's can get Allston says the gopher line Emirates was the eighth. Biggest fire. They were kind of keeping the orderbook afloat as other airlines like the Australian carrier Qantas abandoned. And this announcement says essentially Emirates has decided to cut the amount of planes at once from Airbus at saying now that it only wants fourteen further eighty three eighty s over the next two years. And as a result Airbus has said that it will cease production of the plane by twenty twenty one. Germany has narrowly escaped a recession after his economy stored in the last quarter of two thousand eighteen official figures showed no change in the gross domestic product of your biggest economy after contraction in the previous three months under Walker reports this week appeared for the German economy to a large extent reflects international developments to slow down in China and the tensions in global trade. Mainly reflecting the assertive approach taken by President Trump's administration have had an impact on German industries foreign sales the effects are not confined to Europe's largest economy. However, the region more widely has seen great slow markedly at the end of last year Italy, which rezone reasons was weaker to start with ended two thousand eighteen recession. A teenage woman who ran away from London for years ago to join Zomig save militants in Syria says she wants to return to the UK and has no regrets. Shamima bagan is nineteen and his fed to us Syrian. Refugee camp, she told the times newspaper. She was married within weeks of arriving on I s territory and given birth to two children who died to onus malnutrition. She said she is now pregnant with a third I wanted to live quietly in Britain. The journalists are the head of the news website, raptor, which criticized the president of the Philippines has been bailed out of spending the night in detention in the capital Manila, Mary arrests was arrested over reliable charge relating to an article published seven years ago, and the international said the case against the journalist was brazenly politically motivated, correspondent Howard Johnson is in Manila if Maria Raza is found guilty of this charge. She faces up to twelve years in prison. Many people struggling to come to terms with that given that she is a multiple award winning journalists and in two thousand eighteen she was named by time magazine as its person of the year for holding power to account here in the Philippines world news from the BBC. Senior US Chinese negotiators meeting for two days of talks in Beijing. The criticized the direction of the trade war between the two countries, the US trade Representative and Treasury Secretary a meeting. China's top economics official. There are signs said negotiations are going well, but significant differences remain a US judge has ruled that President Trump's former campaign manager, Paul Manafort has breached a plea deal by intentionally lying to the team investigating Russian interference in the twenty sixteen presidential election. The verdict means that Mr. Manafort could now face a harsher sentence. Mr. Manafort was found to have misled FBI prosecutors and the grand jury of issues including his contacts with Russian political consultant who's alleged to have ties to the Kremlin. Colombian man who admitted to sexually abusing nearly three hundred children and teenagers has been sentenced to sixty years in jail. Carlos Sanchez literary who's in his late thirties. Use the big bad wolf Leonardo. Russia has more details. He approached them mostly online, young boys and young gills. He agreed to meet them. In shopping centers also gaming areas, he approached him. You imagine that very poor kids. He offered them money for sexual favors and said he was going to recall that when they refused he attacked them. What the police said their investigations is that he was probably apart from being folding the sexual acts himself. He was also making a profit by selling those videos to a paedophile ring basing Mexico. The Australian Prime minister has admitted the government's efforts to reduce inequality between indigenous Australians and the rest of the country are failing to meet targets, Scott. Morrison said that life expectancy for aboriginal and other indigenous Australians still lagged far behind that of the rest of the population. BBC news..

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